3 Ways to Make Guest WiFi

Drive Your Business

Complimentary WiFi is no longer a ‘good to have’, but a necessity for any establishment catering to guests and visitors. But as user demands escalate, so does the cost of maintaining a robust wireless network – and therefore, the need to monetize it.

But that’s not all your guest WiFi is good for. It can be self-sustaining – and it can give you benefits beyond monetization. In this free e-book, discover 3 key considerations about your wireless:

  • Nobody wants a slow, cluttered network – even if access is free.
  • Forget long, complex logins. A far better option already exists – social media.
  • Guests have different needs – so why shouldn’t your WiFi service have different levels?

Don’t just put price tags on your WiFi. Find out how to make it deliver true business value as well.

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