ACS Update #15 -Multi-Language Support, New Templates and Reports

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This update adds the following:

New Features

  • Built-in Portal with multi-language support: Multi-language support has been added to ACS built-in portals. Admins can configure text and create user login pages in up to 10 different languages.
  • New Templates: Added three new templates (1) Corporate (2) Natural (3) Minimalist.
  • Reports and Analytics: Three new reports have been added.
    • Session Report: Enables admins to view and download user sessions.
    • Transaction Report: Enables admins to view and download transactions.
    • Revenue Report: Enables admins to view and download daily, weekly and monthly transaction summary.


  • Subscription email notification: Email notifications will be sent if admin activates trial or advanced subscription.
  • WeChat sources has been added under Report and Analytics and user details search.
  • Patch number has been appended into version number and product name in System Dashboard.
  • Admin List: Same level admins can be seen but cannot be edited.
  • Two-factor authentication has been added. If it is switched on, a code will be emailed.
  • Functionality to delete Social users from a site has been added.
  • New shortcuts have been added to the homepage site pop up:
  • Site Details
  • Remote Access
  • Connect to Gateway
  • Built-in Portal enhancements:
  • Option to display Authentication Types has been added under Authentication Tab.
  • PMS guest departure date and expiry time inputs into PMS authentication have been added.

Bug Fixes

  • Hardware serial number and software serial number was not searchable in the site list.
  • Site id did not change when a site was selected in Report Download page.
  • %minutes% was being displayed in the system dashboard.

For more information, login to ACS and go to Help > Support > ACS Release Notes.