ANTlabs Cloud Services is now online

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SINGAPORE – ANTlabs has officially launched its new product, ANTlabs Cloud Services (ACS).

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ACS enables you to monitor your entire network over the web and monetize WiFi with data analytics.

Assess network health

With ACS cloud, you can monitor your network in real-time from a centralized location. Whether you want to know your network health status, check your external network equipment status, or you want a detailed view of your sites, ACS has you covered. The dashboard is easy to use; monitoring your network is as easy as taking a glance.

Create better user experience

What better way to promote branding and getting connected with your customers than through social media? Connect your business with your customers through likes and follows. Your customers can easily log on to your network via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+–that’s convenience and connection in one go.

Strategize business decisions

With demographic and social data from your guest logins, you can customize services and offer rewards to your loyal customers. ACS equips you with the knowledge of what is relevant to your customer, which devices they are using, and the top websites they visit. With this (and more), you can focus on the platform that gives more impact and be able to build your business strategy.

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If you own an IG 4 gateway, you may try ACS Advanced for free. Contact for more information.

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