Huawei and ANTlabs Collaborate to Enhance Traveler Experience in the Middle East

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Technology innovation to ensure better connectivity for busy travelers Dubai, UAE – December 19, 2016: Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, is working with industry leader ANTlabs to develop innovative hospitality solutions that empower hotels to meet the needs of today’s travelers who expect uninterrupted connectivity throughout the duration … Read More

Why Your iPhone May Have Trouble Connecting to Public WiFi

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Ever tried going online by using your iPad or iPhone at a coffee shop and couldn’t login? The reasons could range from network congestion to simply because you couldn’t find the shop’s captive WiFi network login page. “Why can my friend see the login page on her iPhone but I … Read More

Feature Spotlight: Advanced QoS Classes

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The new ANTlabs Advanced QoS allows administrators to configure intricate bandwidth allocation policies for users in your network. With the way people are consuming data these days, it is important to achieve fair sharing of bandwidth among users so user experience will not suffer. One of the unique features of … Read More

Like for Access: 3 Benefits of Social WiFi in Hotels

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To the savvy traveller, few things rival the importance of staying connected – to stay in touch with family, share their adventures live with friends, or keep tabs on work. Good Internet connectivity will always be one of the first things travellers look for abroad, sometimes even before comfort. And it … Read More