IG4 Hotfix Patch #16

Grace NacesIG 4100 Release Notes

This update fixes the following bugs: The Location page ‘Customize Welcome Page’ wrongly displayed as disabled even if a custom page is defined. Failure to generate reports on ACS after registration for some users. IG4 hotfix patch Patch Name: 16.IG4000_base-sys-hotfix-20170523-01.pkg Patch File size (byte): 857056 md5: a472550f09ae5adf3a29fcd278579906 Release Date in … Read More

Update #14 – SG 4 Kernel Patch

Grace NacesSG 4 Release Notes

This update adds the following enhancements: Upgraded system modules which address the system stability issues under high-load environments New system modules address the dirty cow vulnerability CVE-2016-5195 Upgraded client management module’s plugin for a more efficient client migration function between different zones Upgraded bandwidth management module to provide better system … Read More

Patch #13 – IG4 bulk03 patch

Grace NacesIG 4200 Release Notes

This update adds the following enhancements: Upgraded the Facebook API to support new minimum API version requirements recently implemented on Facebook servers Upgraded the web admin certificate for login.required.open.http.page from 18 Feb 2016 to 18 Mar 2020 Added a new feature to allow the gateway to delink from ACS Added … Read More