IG 4 Update #29 – Multi-WAN enhancements, business dashboard, updated welcome page, account creation interval

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Note: this update will disable TLS 1.0 support and the gateway will henceforth support only TLS 1.1 and 1.2.  For AP 2100 Account Printers to continue to work, please update the printers to Firmware Version 2.2.0 (for TLS1.2 support) before applying this update. 

This update installs the following enhancements:

  • Multi-WAN enhancements:
    • VLAN-based routes to the upstream interfaces.  See Network > Static Routes > Source
    • Custom probe IP for more accurate monitoring of upstream network health.  See Network > WAN > Load Balancer
  • Business Dashboard (ACS Advanced plan only) consisting of the following reports:
    • Usage
    • Devices
    • Demographics
    • Interests
  • Welcome page enhancements:
    • Support for Personal/General Data Protection for user form and social network authentication methods
      • User consent / opt-in response is captured in the user reports
    • Terms and conditions link appearing before the connect button and text appearing in a popup 
  • Account creation interval protection for social media login
  • Disable TLS 1.0 for PCI compliance
  • HTTP Walled Garden: deprecating \<digit> notation in URL replacement string in favour of $<digit>, e.g. supporting $1 instead of \1
    • This update will automatically change \1 in the replacement strings to $1
  • API updates:
    • smtp_post support for attachment
    • Plan UID-aware API modules: plan_add, plan_get_all, plan_get_id, plan_update, plan_delete, account_get, account_get_all
  • Documentation updates:
    • AP 2100 Account Printer Guide
    • Contextual help updates:
      • AP 2100 Account Printer
      • High Availability
      • HTTPS Domains
      • WAN Firewall
      • Location – user form authentication method
      • User Reports
      • Email Client
      • WAN – physical IP
      • Management Port – floating IP
      • Admin Accounts > Settings > External Authentication

This update fixes the following bugs where:

  • DHCP VLAN scope does not take effect when device migrates from one VLAN to another
  • Downstream user does not get redirected to login page under some conditions
  • Web-triggered relogin attempts fail
  •  Device does not get the specified bandwidth when application shaping is turned off at ACS
  • Downstream emails cannot get sent out via the gateway’s email service
  • WAN and Management Port Physical IP configuration does not get backed up
  • account_add API module given input with apostrophe or extended ASCII character will not add transaction to ACS
  • User reports does not show when there are many entries
  • User reports display non-English characters wrongly

This update does not require system reboot.

IG4 Bulk 13 Update 29
Update File Name: 29.IG4000_base-sys-bulk13-20181003-01.pkg
Update File Size: 56366360
md5: 100d2ad766c22057befa5418ba7282f2
Release Date: 2018-12-19 19:00 SGT