IG 4 Update #34 – Improved iOS Pseudo-browser Pop-up Speed, AP 2100 Support for Accounts with Dynamic VLAN, and Other Improvements

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IG 4 Update #34 adds the following enhancements:

  • AP 2100 support for accounts with dynamic VLAN
  • Micros Fidelio and JDS Interface to Springer Miller PMS settings GUI enhancement to control DB sync and posting unacknowledged bills after link establishment
  • Speed up the time it takes for iOS pseudo-browser to pop up upon association with WiFi
  • Improved look and feel for welcome page’s Terms & Conditions

​​​​This also fixes the following issues where:

  • ​​Primary node does not fail over to Standby node when connectivity for LAN is down or that for both WAN and WAN 2 is down​​
  • False report of existing location when saving new auto-login location
  • AP 2100 connected via management port cannot generate account
  • ​AP 2100’s button configuration cannot be saved if hours or minutes are left as blank
  • AP 2100’s saved Numeric random format selection shows as Alphanumeric upon reloading of button page
  • System time is not immediately synced when turning on NTP
  • Gender is not shown in user report for login with Google
  • Downstream devices can seamlessly re-login although the plan re-login setting is disabled ​​
  • Modern Template’s banner images are not shown on mobile devices​
  • Incoming PMS guest messages are dropped if PS is sent out during DB synchronization
  • With Fidelio Opera version, guest departure date becomes 01/01/1970 after receiving GC
  • Posting of bill gets skipped for all VIP guest logins
  • For VIP guest login, account expiry does not follow guest departure date and instead follows default expiry despite turning on account expiry follows guest departure date
  • With ALLOW POST check location setting enabled, VIP guest with NO POST status gets internet access, although posting is blocked​
  • With Match First X Characters enabled, guest cannot login if the first X characters of the corresponding guest data has trailing space and guest enters the correct password without trailing space
  • ACS usage report’s user sources graph wrongly reports a roaming user under the Others category
  • Login with Instagram fails to get internet access

IG4 Update 34
File Name: 34.IG4000_base-sys-bulk18-20190614-01.pkg
File Size: 3844416 bytes
MD5 Checksum: cf81a55fd837bc44c225285198fced31
Release Date: 2019-08-26 12:00 SGT