InnGate 3

An all-in-one Service Management Platform to monetize existing Internet services and maximize limited bandwidth.

Specially designed for the hospitality sector, the ANTlabs InnGate meets the High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) needs of hotels and service apartments, while allowing hoteliers to roll out free HSIA WiFi that pays for itself.

Tight integration with many Property Management Systems allows the InnGate to automatically identify guests and provision wireless access. This reduces labor costs while improving guests’ wireless experience.

Combined with Advanced QoS, hoteliers can offer different tiers of service to different types of guests – such as unlimited bandwidth for VIPs. This generates revenue through paid WiFi plans, helping to turn a hotel’s HSIA from cost center to revenue center.

The InnGate’s integration with social media also opens up opportunities for hoteliers to build followings and tap the power of digital word-of-mouth.

Enhanced PMS Integration

Guests can enjoy improved interaction with hotels, by being able to:

  • Authenticate against selected PMS information for wireless network access
  • Bill directly to their guest folio
  • Check text messages sent by the hotel to their folio
  • View their entire hotel bill
  • Perform express checkouts
Advanced QoS/Traffic Management
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Premium bandwidth for charged users, including WAN application prioritization
  • Complimentary bandwidth tier for free access users
  • Shared bandwidth across multiple devices
Social Media Integration
  • Authentication: Easy logins for users – no more randomly generated access codes
  • Analytics: Know your customers – and which areas they are frequently in
  • Promotion: Help tenants build social media followings and deliver offers to their customers – tailored to user profiles

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Find out more about the ANTlabs InnGate (PDF).