SG 4 Update #17 – Event Manager

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This update adds the following enhancements:

  • New Event Manager feature allows the administrator to:
    • Set up event locations, bandwidth and event plan templates
    • Create and manage events
      View usage reports for events
  • Enhancements in Device Monitor page
    • Allow the administrator to login downstream devices
    • Remove “Last URL Requested” column
  • Location GUI enhanced to configure start and end times for banner and slider images
  • System dashboard to show the current update level
  • Enhancements in some API modules:
    • account_add 1.15
      • Not allow an autologin plan to be used to create accounts
      • Check for duplicate plan names if plan_name is supplied as input
      • Support plan_uid input as a unique identifier for plans
    • plan_add 1.03
      • Copy plan_name input into the Plan UID field
    • o    plan_delete 1.2
      • force_delete=yes option to forcibly remove accounts and logout users tied to this plan
  • Database to have a temporary data folder for optimal large query performance

This update fixes the following bugs:

  • PMS VIP match failure if VIP field (VIP status or a0-a9) has multiple entries
  • PMS guest cannot login with guest name when “Match the first word” option is used
  • Can deselect a location’s own zone from the list of allowed-to-login zones
  • ACS displays wrong patch level of gateway when there are out-of-order patch install dates
  • Modern Template fixes: logo header should be translucent; logo should not get truncated; background should show on mobile devices
  • System configuration backup fix: include Port Binding, LDAP, Account Printers and ACS settings, and Location logos, banners and slider images.

Note: This patch will automatically reboot the gateway upon patching.

SG4 Event Manager patch
Patch Name: 17.SG4000_base-sys-bulk07-20170725-01.pkg
Patch File size (byte): 5182928
md5: 22b9346ae4e5b2e18b8a6e673491b4bd
Release Date in Epoch Time: 1508317200