SG 4 Update #18 – New DHCP VLAN scope, API enhancement, LINE and more

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This update adds the following enhancements:

  • Enhancement in account_update API which allows to update Valid Until field even for logged in users
  • Added support for Line social network authentication
  • New DHCP VLAN scope feature to allow individual IP scopes per VLAN
  • Enhanced HTTP security
    • Fixing CWE-1004 (Cookie without HttpOnly flag)
  • Client Management Synchronization upgrade to improve performance
  • Upgraded ACS Command client and Secure Tunnel service
  • Location GUI enhanced to allow PMS Guest Name Authentication to use 1 to 10 first characters

This update fixes the following bugs:

  • Lawful Intercept logs Source Address does not show the gateway’s WAN IP when in NAT mode.
  • Deleting a WAN Static Route causes an error message to be displayed.
  • Deleting a DHCP Static IP causes an error message to be displayed.
  • Zone migration log does not capture correct zone number

Note: This patch will automatically reboot the gateway upon patching.

SG4 bulk 08 patch
Patch Name: 18.SG4000_base-sys-bulk08-20171025-01.pkg
Patch File size (byte): 6021776
md5: 535c695c8066cae8175836092b3fb8ac
Release Date in Epoch Time: 1511931600