SG 4 Update #28 – Admin GUI login with external LDAP or RADIUS, enhanced WAN firewall configuration and database security

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This update adds the following enhancements:
• Admin GUI login with external LDAP or RADIUS server
• Physical IP configuration for WAN interfaces and optional floating IP for management port
• Enhanced security with ability to configure WAN firewall
• Enhanced database security
• Improved readability of download/upload values in session log
• Account printer log enhanced to show user ID of the authenticated user who creates the account
• Mobile-verified user form authentication flow enhanced to skip redundant informative page between form submission and prompt for OTP

This update fixes the following issues:
• Client migrating across VLANs retains previous IP address, ignoring the configured VLAN-scope DHCP range
• Denying users from accessing web-admin GUI via LAN causes ACS Admin GUI to fail to connect to gateway
• Fail to redirect to login page under heavy load conditions
• Contents of some web folders are browseable

IMPORTANT: Prior to this update, the WAN physical IP address of the slave in an HA setup is automatically computed and assigned by the gateway; on the master, the WAN interface is assigned only the configured WAN IP. After this update, in addition to the WAN IP (now called WAN Floating IP), the WAN physical IP address is also assigned to the master’s WAN interface. This update will also set the physical IP addresses of all upstream interfaces to their default initial values (see table below):

ID Upstream interface Default Physical IP Address

If you have an HA setup and have network monitoring systems monitoring the WAN physical IP of the slave machine, you should go to Network > WAN to reinstate the original WAN physical IP addresses after applying this update.

There will be a forced reboot after successfully applying this update.

SG4 4.2.0 Update 28
Update File Name: 28.SG4000_base-sys-bulk14-20180906-01.pkg
Update File Size: 18255808
md5: 084ad39cf9449c06857936377fcd51a2
Release Date: 2018-10-11 18:00 SGT