ANTlabs Unveils New Highly Customizable Solution to Drive Business

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Revolutionary new SG 4400 supports up to 30,000 concurrent transit devices. The new event manager module promotes unique digital experience to connect with visitors better.

Singapore, 27 June, 2017- ANTlabs, the market leader in Asia Pacific for service gateways, announces that their latest gateway (SG 4400) is ready for shipment today. ANTlabs also pre-launches another software module, Event Manager. With these new solutions, ANTlabs aims to capture the exploding opportunities available in M.I.C.E sector by providing a highly customizable solution that promotes uniqueness, and eventually drive business.

The revolutionary SG 4400 comes with higher performance and capacity. It can scale up to two million accounts, 120,000 concurrent transit devices, 40GB throughput and one million connections on a cluster setup. SG 4400 is also powered by ANTlabs Cloud Services, which helps business makes decision based on real data through analytics

The new Event Manager module comes with a wealth of configurable options that allow individual events to have its own unique digital experience.  Each event will not only have its own customised welcome-cum-login page, venue operators can preconfigure different web banners to appear on the welcome page at different timing. These flexibilities enhance the value of the venue as it allows event organiser more opportunities to sell advertising space.

ANTlabs M.I.C.E solution also comes with a comprehensive reporting. It collates information on total user count, data and duration usage etc. For events with social media logins, additional visitor details (name, email, gender, age group, influence, place and birthday) can be shared with the event organiser as part of the post event report.  These reports are valuable to event organiser as it helps them to engage visitors better and drive more traffic for future events. Venue operators who provide this report indirectly increase the customer service level of the venue.

“The common challenges we constantly received from M.I.C.E customers are the increasing demand for value-added services” said ANTlabs Product Director, Teck Kang Toh. “We address these challenges by offering a highly customisable solution for M.I.C.E customers to map out their own unique digital experience. This is not only valuable to visitors but also to businesses that are keen monetize their Wi-Fi services.”

SG 4400 is now ready for shipment and the Event Manager module is also available for pre-order. For more information, please contact ANTlabs at / visit / follow us on

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ANTlabs is a leading Internet business enabler and the Asia Pacific market leader for service gateways. As a market leader, ANTlabs provides award-winning technology solutions for the hospitality sector, large venue network operators, and telcos.