Hotel WiFi Management Made Easy: Give VIP-Grade WiFi to VIPs with ANTlabs Enhanced PMS Module

Updated: 15 June 2021

The drive towards automation is changing the way people think about many tasks in the IT management space. In the hospitality sector, one of these is differentiating VIP guests from regular ones for WiFi access. ANTlabs gateways make hotel wifi management easier to process, programmable, enabling easier guest account provisioning and management through tight integration with the Property Management System (PMS) module.

What can the ANTlabs’ Enhanced PMS Module do for your guest WiFi network?

This upgrade adds several quality enhancements to ANTlabs gateways.

  • Automatic VIP plan assignment
    Flag guests as VIPs, and set up exclusive VIP plans that will be assigned to them automatically. Non-flagged guests will only see your standard plans.
  • Easy VIP plan tracking
    Tag VIP plans with different Sales Outlet flags, for easier grouping and sorting in your PMS reports.
  • Guests can use one login for all devices
    When a guest connects a new device to your network, InnGate assigns it to their existing account. If that account has hit its sharing limit, the system simply selects the next available one.
  • Faster isolating and troubleshooting of account issues
    InnGate’s Room Status monitor tracks all guest access codes, and the last-created code in any room, so your front desk gets a single view of where guests are and what the problem is.
  • Improved billing
    InnGate’s Billing Log report displays additional plan and access code details, and links your Billing ID and Plan logs. Generate monthly billing summary reports for as far back as three years, provided your PMS billing log has not been cleaned up or purged.

To enable these features, go to Policies > Authentication > PMS > Settings (type Micros Fidelio), and tick off the option Enhanced Guest Processing.

How Can I Monetize my WiFi with PMS integration?

ANTlabs gateways‘ tighter PMS integration help regardless of your hotel’s size or WiFi practices.

If you are a budget hotel, and charge for WiFi on a per-guest basis, you can use the IG 4’s flagging and automatic plan assignment features to offer different price plans (such as $9.95 for 1 device and $14.95 for 3), depending on how many devices guests need.

If you are a 3-star or boutique hotel that offers complimentary, time-limited WiFi, you can configure your InnGate to offer guests “pay for more” options along with the “access expired” notifications. Knowing they can keep all their devices connected with just one login helps lower guests’ purchase barriers.

If you are a 4-5 star hotel, and factor WiFi into room rates, you can better manage guest device access. For example, if your standard plan is 4 hours at -1 Mbps for 3 devices, while VIPs get 24 hours at -3Mbps for 6, you can configure the InnGate to notify both user types when they have exceeded their respective device limits.

Find out more on how ANTlabs’ enhanced PMS integration helps your guest network. Contact us at +65 6858 6789 or

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