IG 3100: A full-featured gateway that lets you start small

Guests these days expect Internet access the moment they check in your hotel. A study [1] has shown that 95% of business travellers care if there is WiFi connection in the hotel or not, and 51% of mobile employees prefer to book hotels with WiFi. Whether you are the owner of a boutique hotel or a 150-room 3 star hotel, it’s beneficial to both your hotel and your guests to have a reliable Internet connection. The way to have that is to get an Internet gateway that lets you efficiently manage your guest network.

How much does it cost to get a good, reliable gateway?

In the past, there was this dilemma: get a cheap Internet gateway or a costly enterprise-grade gateway? You can get a cheap Internet gateway but chances are, it can barely meet the needs of your growing business and you will have to purchase another hardware later on as your user base grows. On the other hand, a high-end enterprise-grade Internet gateway that has all the features that you need costs way too much for your 150-room property at present.

The good news is, ANTlabs found a way to get you the enterprise-grade features in a box that costs less than a thousand– the new IG 3100. It is now available for only USD 999*!

Small Box, Big Features

Just like ANTlabs’ other powerful line of gateways, IG 3100 gives you the flexibility to run your network the way you want it. IG 3100 has enterprise-grade features [2] and it lets you choose the optional modules you need and get them when you need them.

Available Modules:

  • 2-Tier QoS New!
  • Payment
  • Volume Control
  • Multi-WAN
  • Account Printer Support (High Capacity Support: 10)
  • Lawful Intercept – Syslog
  • Management Port
The New 2-Tier QoS

IG 3100 now includes 2-tier QoS support: Premium Tier and Complimentary Tier., giving you even more options to maximize your available bandwidth while up-selling connectivity options.

New IG 3100 design supports “Deploy and Forget”

The new design of the IG 3100 makes it much more robust to “deploy once and forget forever”. Its fan-less and dust-free chassis design minimizes the chance of component failures. With its screw-in power connector, the chance of accidentally disconnecting the power cable is also a thing of the past.

Free 1-Year Premium Bundle Support

IG 3100 comes with a one year Premium Bundle support. This means that you shall get software and hardware support for your first year. You have the option to purchase support plans [3] for the subsequent years. This support bundle gives you unlimited access to upgrades and patches, and 24/7 tech support.

IG 3100 and Your Growing Business

As your business grows and caters to more users, the IG 3100 adapts so expanding does not need costly hardware replacements for you. From a 100-default user license, you can raise that up to 400. And as the way users consume data evolves, ANTlabs will continually roll out new features to cater to these growing demands. Get the peace of mind in knowing that your IG 3100 will get access to these features.

Contact  sales@antlabs.com for more details.


1 iPass. “Hospitality Findings Report: Hotels Stand To Lose Repeat Business with Poor Wi-Fi Service.” www.ipass.com. 15 December 2010. iPass. 26 August 2013.

2 Please see data sheet for more details.

3 Support Plans Available: Hardware Support, Software Support and Premium Bundle

*Excludes shipping fee. Terms & Conditions apply. Please contact sales@antlabs.com for more information.