IG 4 Update #37 – Account Printer AP 3100 Support

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This update adds support for Account Printer AP 3100 and fixes the following issues:

  • Account Printer ​AP 2100 shows ‘Cannot Connect to Server’ when connected via the Management Port​ even when there is connectivity to the gateway​​
  • PMS settings of JDS Interface to Springer-Miller, HOBIC, Prologic First, FCS and Galaxy (LightSpeed XML), if never changed before, ​cannot get saved after having Update 34

IG4 4.2.0 update 37
File Name: 37.IG4000_base-sys-ap3100-20191104-01.pkg
File Size: 209904 bytes
MD5 Checksum: c632c22ba5e28d90459dc5747f2dffbc
Release Date: 2019-11-12 17:00 SGT