InnGate 3.0 Advisory: Deprecated Version of Patch #3

For customers who are using InnGate 3 G Series, please be informed that we have relased a new version of Patch 35, the Multi-WAN Module. This patch adds support for Multi-WAN module to aggregate multiple Internet connections for better user experience.

Version  Patch Name  Release Date  MD5 Checksum 
Deprecated: InnGate300_base-MultiWAN-20111209-01.pkg 23 Feb 2012 0c8679fedfc8f3023250c2e433d9b6fd
New Version: 35.InnGate300_base-MultiWAN-20111209-02.pkg 14 Dec 2012 168e76d5e0d7ebaa501775dd974b7c1a

Patching the gateway using the deprecated version of Patch 35 has resulted to corruption of the boot loader on InnGate 3.0 G Series.

Models Affected  Models Not Affected 
InnGate G-series 3.00 InnGate M-series 3.00
InnGate G-series 3.01 InnGate E-series 3.00

Please make sure that you use the new version of Patch 35 (can be downloaded from ANTlabs partner portal site) for all future patching of our gateways to avoid this problem. Please note that a separate activation module needs to be purchased to activate this feature.