SG 4 Update #24 – AP 2100 app authentication and enhanced HTTPS domain proxy service

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This update adds the following enhancements:
• Authentication added to AP 2100 Account Printer app for better control and tracking of accounts created
• Enhanced HTTPS domain proxy service performance

This update fixes the following bugs where:
• Admin-assisted device login by specifying a plan fails to login the device
• If guest has changed room since login, ‘GO event – Close Session’ does not logout the user
• Apple devices whose iOS version is more recent than 11.3 cannot login with WeChat

SG4 4.2.0 Bulk 11 Update 24
Update File Name: 24.SG4000_base-sys-bulk11-20180618-01.pkg
Patch File Size: 491608
md5: 8c504f0753a336366327f67eab06b7c7
Release Date: 2018-07-18 18:00 SGT