SG 4 Update #25 – User Form Authentication

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This update adds the following enhancements:

  • New user form downstream authentication method with optional email or SMS verification
  • New user reports under Reports > Users
    • Unverified — for user forms that have not been through verification
    • Verified — email or SMS-verified user forms and social login users
  • New bandwidth graphs under Reports > Graphs > Network for each:
    • QoS class and
    • Traffic shaping class
  • Support for new PMS type: JDS Interface to Springer Miller
  • New Settings > Email > Email Client page to select local SMTP server settings or external SMTP server
  • Option in Location > Authentication tab to allow user input fields to display directly on the welcome page
  • Enhanced API
    • new smtp_post API module that sends email
    • new API modules useful for custom login page development
      • User form verification:
        • captcha_get
        • captcha_check
        • otp_add
        • otp_check
      • Unverified form reporting:
        • form_add
        • form_delete
        • form_get
      • Verified user reporting:
        • verified_add
        • verified_delete
        • verified_get
    • account_add API module enhancements:
      • If linked to ACS, call the new ACS Transaction Add API
      • Allow ‘$’ and ‘!’ as part of the code or user ID
  • Enabled support for new authentication experiences such as cross-site roaming managed by ACS
  • Editable vendor-specific and standard attributes under Authentication > RADIUS > Settings
  • SMPP (SMS) configuration is shifted under the Settings menu
  • Session monitor enhanced to display plan-configured bandwidth values

This update fixes the following issue:

  • System > Advanced GUI prompts user to reboot although the NAT support settings have already been applied

SG4 4.2.0 User Form Authentication Bulk 12 Update 25
Update File Name: 25.SG4000_base-sys-bulk12-20180618-01.pkg
Update File Size: 26319688
md5: ef0e13ebaf75c740a4a5f85280622f6a
Release Date: 2018-08-08 17:00 SGT