SG 4 Update #40 – More Authentication Methods and QoS Enhancements

This update includes the following enhancements:

  • More downstream authentication methods:
  • Accor FLINT-HTNG PMS integration to support FLINT server to gateway authentication
  • QoS enhancement: Added option to support shared bandwidth limit by device
  • SNMP upgrade to support version 3
  • Payflow Pro credit card number and expiry input fields to have placeholder labels
  • API upgrade
    • smtp_post support for comma-separated multiple send-to email addresses
    • account_get and account_get_all output to include dynamic VLAN

This update fixes the following issues where:

  • System monitoring service does not detect that ​​database or DHCP service is down
  • Use Web Proxy setting does not take effect.  Note: a reboot is required to apply the Use Web Proxy setting if it has been enabled
  • PMS-authenticated devices in a PAN VLAN are not migrated to new VLAN after room change.  Note: Event Handler – GC Event – Update Dynamic VLAN will need to be turned on to fix the issue.
  • System logging stops when transiting from active to passive mode under some condition.
  • CSV export for verified users do not show non-English characters properly.

Note: It is recommended to reboot the machine after applying this update.

SG4 4.2.0 update 40
File Name: 40.SG4000_base-sys-bulk23-20200310-01.pkg
File Size: 3107928 bytes
MD5 Checksum: fbfcb2bfaed114b56b94263bed56a566
Release Date: 2020-07-16 11:00 SGT