ANTlabs Cloud Services (ACS)

Latest update! A newer ANTlabs Service Platform (ASP Cloud) with more features is now available.  To continue to access ACS for existing customers, you may login here.

ANTlabs Cloud Services (ACS) is a secure solution that empowers business owners, IT, and marketing professionals with the information needed for business decision-making and monetizing guest WiFi services.


Network monitoring dashboard enables you to have high visibility of your network’s health status and know the reasons for any failure instantly.


Portal management allows you to create customized captive portals and launch across multiple sites.


Business analytics and consolidated reports enable you to understand your users better.

Benefits For End Users

  • Swift & secure WiFi access
  • Multiple login methods
  • Easy re-login across different sites
  • Personalized suggestions & offers

Benefits For Business Owners

  • Platform to promote offers
  • Attract more customers
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Data-driven decision making

Real map to monitor network health status of all sites, depending on the roles and permissions:

  • Site details (address, IP)
  • Site status (health, unhealthy, warning)
  • Reasons for failure (if any)
  • System and network statistics

Detailed reporting of social media analytics and user preferences on both site and organization levels.

Interactive dashboards and drill down graphs for non-technical user with the ability to access data and build build business intelligence reports and analytics:

  • Device Preferences – OS, devices, browsers used by users
  • Usage – User dwell time, repeat vs new, average visits and frequency of visits
  • Demographics – In-depth comparison and breakdown of users’ gender, age, country, login prerences
  • Social Media – User affinity (Likes) by gender and age, birthday suggestions

Consolidated reports for multiple sites help you understand and compare performance of your sites.

  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Line, WeChat, LinkedIn, Office365
  • Complimentary
  • User ID and Password
  • Access Code
  • Credit Card
  • Registration Form

Centralized management and deployment of welcome portals on an organization or site level.

Extremely flexible and customizable welcome portals and landing pages.

Allows businesses and service providers to define a fixed guaranteed bandwidth for certain users.

Intelligent bandwidth management for Limiting Session Volume and usage status at a glance.

Centralized management and multi-level administration control

  • Multi-level admin access and control – Role-based admin access control allows the segregation of multiple admin roles
  • Email notification – Notify admin by SMS or email if any of the modules is down (customizable)

Details of each user consolidated from various sources to help in designing campaigns and marketing:

  • Demographics
  • Birthday
  • Device preference
  • Likes/Affinity
  • Connections/Influence
  • Country/Places

ACS admin users may view and download weekly and monthly reports in PDF format.


  • Network Monitoring
  • Users Management
  • Admin Management
  • Remote Access
  • Network Monitoring
  • Users Management
  • Admin Management
  • Remote Access
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Download Reports
  • Users Birthdays
  • Location Portal w/ Multi-Language Support
  • Inline Editing for Portals
  • User Login Methods
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Multi-Site Roaming

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You can have ACS at an even more secure level

Private ACS has all the ACS features but you get an additional layer of control by having it hosted right within your private network! Contact us today and we’ll show you how it works.

Access network health, create customer experiences, and strategize business decisions