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Wireless Services

Exceed customers expectations with secure, scalable, and reliable wireless services

More than just WiFi hotspots

From enabling smart cities to activating WiFi roaming across the globe, to enabling Voice over Wifi (VoWifi), we have a solution that fits the needs of Telcos and Service Providers. Our solutions cover WiFi business models, from B2B, B2C, to B2B2C.

4G/5G Mobile Offload

Our patented intelligent mobile offload solution offers seamless and secure authentication, with an option to tunnel data to the mobile core. It is an unified package with dynamic bandwidth management and advanced multi-tier QoS. This way, you can offer differentiated tiers to different subscriber levels. Our end-to-end solution integrates with HLR/HSS, supports WISPr and EoGRE, and is Hotspot 2.0 compliant.

WiFi Calling/Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi)

Service Providers have been continuously looking to enhance the coverage and quality of voice services for its customers. WiFi Calling or Voice over WiFi can be used to achieve this by leveraging on any Wifi network: at home, in the office, or at public hotspots.  Reliability is critical these days since more people are using teleconferencing for both work and keeping in touch with their families and friends.  ANTlabs enables service providers to provide end-to-end solutions that are secure, reliable, easily integrated and flexible.

Our VoWiFi / WiFi Calling solution also has native dialer support, S2b interface with GPRS Tunneling Protocol, and works on both trusted and untrusted networks. Unlike VoIP, VoWiFi retains VOLTE quality, and VAS attached to the mobile subscription, and it is prioritized at the same level as mobile calls. This effectively extends coverage, and improves mobile call quality by leveraging on widely available home of office WiFi.

Monetize WiFi Services

Mobile 4G/5G Offload, and deploying Carrier WiFi extensively both serve to provider Carrier customers with secure, seamless and cost-effective connectivity. ANTlabs’ solutions can add even more value by enabling monetization on the service offerings with value-added innovations: e.g. smart advertising, data analytics and differentiated services delivery.  From selling Managed WiFi services to Enterprise customers, or providing a multi-tenant platform for the Enterprise customer to resell WiFi services to their retail customers, we help Carriers find new revenue options on their Wifi infrastructure.

ANTlabs Carrier solutions are designed for the agile deployment of next generation networks (NGNs), and can easily adapt to the explosive growth of complex networks that call for high capacity,  high performance, and reliable connectivity with low latency.

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