Cafes & Restaurants

Keep pace with trends as you offer ways for your customers to stay connected digitally

Leverage on existing Wi-Fi in the store to onboard new online services

As technology finds its way to most aspects of our daily lives in the past decade, more restaurants are going for digital ordering experience. It is now quite common for small cafes or Michelin-starred restaurants to offer food delivery services, or to see tablets on dining tables used to take customers’ orders instead of waiters.  These tablets are also used by customers to give feedback and follow the establishment on social media.

A reliable network connectivity is needed for these devices or Point-of-sales systems to keep business process running smoothly.  Need to quickly design a survey form, or contact tracing form? NO problem, our gateways have many easy-to-design forms and templates to choose from.   Need to push last minute changes to a chain of stores? Easy, with our ANTlabs Cloud Solutions (ACS), deploy instantly from our centralized management platform.

And it goes further. Our gateways (InnGate, SG4, Cloud Gateway) integrates with social media ‘likes’, follows, and check-ins beyond simplifying connectivity for diners. Establishment owners easily build communities online and gain insight into their patrons anytime, from anywhere, even after the store is closed.

But all this hinges on excellent Internet access. Can you ensure that your devices and POS machines stay online to ensure a smooth experience for your dine-in and online customers?  We give these owners the ability to provision WiFi access on the fly, or adapt and grow their networks easily and cost-effectively to keep up as their operational environment change.

Run networks and apps
the way you want

Keep networks current
as the business grows or environment changes

Need a cost-effective solution? ANTlabs Cloud Gateway allows you to grow your network according to your establishment’s needs.   Need something for more in-store heavy usage?  OR choose from our IG4 and SG4 gateways, with a range of modules such as Multi-WAN, Volume Control, Payment, and more. Start with only the ones needed and add more later when the business demands it.   Operate multiple gateways with ACS efficiently, and reduce cost with centralized monitoring and management, transfer licenses from one site to another, and deploy branded login portals to all of your sites in one go.

ANTlabs’ Advanced QoS feature lets cafe and restaurant owners  maximize available bandwidth, by separating POS or in-store devices from the Complimentary WiFi users into different tiers and controlling how much bandwidth each tier consumes. Whether you operate a chain of restaurants and adheres to certain branding guidelines or several small cafes located in different parts of the city, our solutions lets you control and manage your gateways in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Above all, ANTlabs’s continual commitment to R&D ensures your investments will keep pace with trends and shifts in the data landscape.

ANTlabs enables cafes and restaurants to tap the power of their WiFi networks and social media marketing – and grow their networks without hassle or costly upgrades.

Here's a cost-effective way to stay connected as you grow your business