Shopping Malls

Secure and easy way to give your shoppers free WiFi & reward them

Reward customers’ loyalty with high-speed Internet access.

Shopping malls enjoy a captive audience. The right loyalty & incentive programs, supported by top-notch WiFi offerings, helps drive traffic to tenant stores and up-sell shoppers.

But to reap these opportunities, mall owners not only have to guarantee high bandwidth through the premises. They also have to offer different tiers of service, make logins smooth for shoppers, and prevent tenant abuse of the mall network – which affects shoppers’ WiFi experience.

With the ANTlabs SG 4, a one-stop gateway for managing and monetizing large-venue public access networks, you can:

Identify users, grant them
access, and bill them

Convert users into customers
with different service levels

Offer login methods to suit
different types of users

Vary offerings for different
usage needs and patterns

The SG 4 enables zero-configuration login, so shoppers don’t need to tweak any device settings to connect. Time-limited access helps keep freeloaders and bandwidth-hogging tenants off the network.

Mall tenants can offer different WiFi service tiers based on shoppers’ purchases, under subscription or sponsorship agreements with the mall owner. The SG 4 supports user account printers that can be configured to generate different access codes with just a button press.

And just like F&B establishments, tenants can integrate social media authentication into their WiFi offerings, to build fan communities and drive digital word-of-mouth for the mall.

The ANTlabs SG 4 helps shopping malls profit from their WiFi networks, while enabling new ways for tenants to engage shoppers and drive business.

One-stop solution for managing and monetizing your large-venue public access networks

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