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    ANTlabs Introduces ANTlabsEzCast at HITEC Toronto 2023

    Enabling Digital Services and Elevating Guest Experience with Advanced Casting Solution for Hospitality

    [Toronto, Jun 27 2023] – ANTlabs, a pioneering provider of advanced network solutions for the hospitality sector, is pleased to launch ANTlabsEzCast, an innovative casting solution designed specifically for hotels. “As internet traffic continues to surge with streaming services dominating content consumption, ANTlabsEzCast enhances the guest experience by seamlessly integrating secure access to individual room TVs,” says Wee-Tuck, Teo, CEO of ANTlabs.  “With ANTlabsEzCast, we aim to empower hotels to launch digital services like casting that mirror the comforts and convenience of home and the luxury of utilizing the large-screen TV.”

    According to recent statistics, streaming now accounts for more than 60% of global internet traffic, making it the dominant form of content consumption. In response to this growing trend, ANTlabsEzCast allows hotels to cater to the evolving needs of tech-savvy hotel guests. Guests can easily pair their mobile or Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the in-room TV via QR Code or via browser authentication.  With the ability to transform large-screen TVs into powerful work or entertainment hubs, ANTlabsEzCast provides guests with a truly engaging digital experience. Privacy and security are also ensured as no credentials are stored on the TV.

    ANTlabsEzCast delivers a cost-effective standalone solution with cloud management and on-premise gateway control. When paired with ANTlabs gateways’ onboard Advanced QoS and application-shaping technologies, hotels can be assured that the surfing speeds do not degrade significantly with the additional streaming internet traffic. Furthermore, it offers a superior technical advantage by eliminating multicast traffic overhead. This is achieved by creating a private network between the end user’s devices and associated Chromecast devices.

    Benefits of ANTlabsEzCast for hotels and guests:

    • – Unmatched in-room experience that drives brand loyalty and delights guests
    • – Cost-effective solution with cloud management and on-premises gateway control
    • – Effortless content casting for guests, eliminating the hassle of HDMI cables
    • – Ease of deployment and monitoring for IT Managers, minimizing troubleshooting
    • – Centralized reporting and cloud-based configuration through a unified dashboard

    ANTlabsEzCast offers competitive pricing and low operating costs, making it the most cost-effective choice when combined with High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) services.

    ANTlabsEzCast will be showcased at the prestigious HITEC 2023 event in Toronto, where industry leaders and IT professionals convene to shape the future of hospitality technology. The official launch of ANTlabsEzCast is scheduled for June 27th, with interested customers and partners gaining access to this innovative solution starting in Q3 2023. ANTlabs invites technology enthusiasts and industry professionals to explore the forefront of in-room entertainment and experience ANTlabsEzCast.


    About ANTlabs Pte Ltd.

    Established in 1999 and headquartered in Singapore, ANTlabs is a market-leading provider of innovative networking solutions for the hospitality, large venues, telcos, and ISP industries. ANTlabs helps our customers deliver high-quality, high-touch, and highly reliable digital services to their guests and users, driving revenue growth and operational efficiency. ANTlabs Pte Ltd offers a wide range of networking solutions, including on-prem network gateways, cloud-based Wi-Fi services management platforms, bare metal appliances, and virtualized telcos network infrastructure solutions through in-house R&D. With resellers worldwide including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, ANTlabs has established itself as a trusted market leader.

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    ANTlabs will be providing invitation-only webinars in lieu of live events.

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  • SINGAPORE, October 8, 2019 –  ANTlabs has recently been granted the patent for Intelligent Mobile Data Offloading by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent relates to offloading mobile data on end user devices to Wi-Fi networks, and the key value proposition of this technology is to ensure that devices offloaded to the Wi-Fi network receive enough network quality for good network usage experience.  

    ANTlabs Chief Product Officer, Teck-Kang Toh said, “This latest patent granted is a positive affirmation of ANTlabs’ technology leadership in the Wireless Mobile and Broadband Networking space.  We are committed to continual R&D to create even more cutting-edge innovation, for ANTlabs’ Carrier and Enterprise networking products.”

    “This is very relevant today with many Carriers using Wi-Fi networks for mobile data offload.  With the expected uptake of 5G mobile and Wi-Fi 6 networks converging even further, many of our Carrier customers can benefit from this technology to optimize and maximise their network investments,” said Kwang-Tat Ang, VP Customer Solutions for ANTlabs.

    About ANTlabs

    ANTlabs is a leading technology innovator for guest network
    technology and services for 20 years. Established in 1999 and based in
    Singapore, ANTlabs products have been used globally in hotels, airports,
    telecommunications companies, stadiums and convention centers.

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    Singapore, June 17, 2019—ANTlabs Pte. Ltd. launches their smallest full-featured gateway yet at HITEC 2019 in Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. The IG 4110 is created for smaller properties such as boutique hotels, hostels, healthcare facilities, and small multi-dwelling units (MDU). Hoteliers and property owners can easily pick the modules that they need (e.g. Property Management System, Volume Control, Personal Area Network), and each gateway can handle up to 800 user licenses. This enables smaller properties to scale cost-effectively as they grow.

    “IG 4110 is all about reduced total cost of ownership,” said Teck-Kang Toh, the Chief Product Officer of ANTlabs, at HITEC. “Good WiFi connectivity is now expected even at small hotels and this adds up to how guests perceive the quality of their stay. What we are trying to bring across is that hotel owners have the potential to offer the same connectivity as bigger hotels are able to but at a reduced cost.”

    IG 4110 is now available through ANTlabs partners, worldwide and it comes with 3 years support.

    About ANTlabs

    ANTlabs is a leading technology innovator for guest network technology and services for 20 years. Established in 1999 and based in Singapore, ANTlabs products have been used globally in hotels, airports, telecommunications companies, stadiums and convention centers.

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    ANTlabs Product Department
    Tel: +65 6858 6789


    Houston, TX – ANTlabs, a leading Internet business enabler, is at HITEC Houston to exhibit new product features and give a quick glimpse of a new, upcoming product. This four-day event on June 18-21, 2018 gathers top-notch industry leaders, experts, and key people in the hospitality industry, and is held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas USA.

    This year, ANTlabs brings InnMobile ‘Hotel WiFi on-the-go’ on the table—a new service delivery platform to allow guests to easily stay connected everywhere. Hotel guests may bring along this device whenever they go outside the hotel premises and they shall get the same hotel WiFi experience they have. Aside from InnMobile, some other highlights this year for ANTlabs products are differentiated WiFi experience for rewards club members, and seamless roaming/re-login for VIPs.

    In line with the company’s focus on increasing guest loyalty while reducing cost through HSIA, a tutorial session entitled “Transforming HSIA for Your Next-Gen Guest” will be conducted by Don West, the National Channel Manager of MTS Inc. This will be on Wednesday, June 20, 11:15 AM-11:45 AM.

    ANTlabs booth can easily be found near the entrance of the convention center at Booth #1513 (Map).

    Contact for more details.


    ANTlabs officially announces its new office located at Dubai Internet City. The new office allows ANTlabs to reinforce close working relationships with partners and customers in the Middle East, and hastens the expansion of ANTlabs’ presence in the area. This is a strategic business growth decision as the area represents rich and diverse growth opportunities, and the company is poised to expand its ability to service current and future markets.

    ANTlabs Dubai Office grand opening celebration at At.Mosphere, Burj Khalifa

    “ANTlabs products has powered our esteemed customers’ networks in the Middle East, especially in GCC region for more than 15 years. With the rapid infrastructure and technological advancements in the last few years, the Middle East has become a global pioneer for Smart Cities, IOT and Digital future,” said Wee-Tuck Teo, ANTlabs CEO.

    “ANTlabs believes in the bold vision of Middle East and we are opening a regional HQ office in Dubai to respond agilely in the shortest time our latest leading technology to market. Our regional office will also address our expanding market and to enhance our relationship and support to our key customers here in the Middle East,” Tahir Qureshi, ANTlabs Middle East General Manager, added.

    The office had a soft opening on August 25, 2017 and its grand opening celebration was held on October 12, 2017 at the At.Mosphere lounge, Burj Khalifa. It was attended by ANTlabs executives and partners.

    About ANTlabs

    ANTlabs is a leading technology innovator for guest network technology and services for more than 18 years. Established in 1999 and based in Singapore, ANTlabs products have been used globally in hotels, airports, telecommunications companies, stadiums and convention centers.

    Media Contacts

    ANTlabs Product Department
    Tel: +65 6858 6789