Retail Chains

Manage & monitor your retail chain network across different locations cost-effectively

Manage & monitor your retail chain network across different locations cost-effectively

Running a retail business, be it a chain of cafes and restaurants, or a fashion boutique shop can be challenging in times of tough competition or business uncertainties.  The last thing that the proprietor or management want to worry about is their IT infrastructure.  Yet, they know that in times of rapid change, marrying innovation and using technology with business strategy, branding and operational efficiency, is what is required to help leapfrog over the competition, and overcome business adversities.

Retail businesses know that they must provide their customers with a great online experience that reinforces their brand, and enables the business transformation of their value-chain.  A cost-effective and flexible IT infrastructure is key to providing agility and adaptability.  From providing simple guest access in a store to being able to manage captive portal pages across branches in different cities for consistent branding and localized content, to providing social WiFi to enhance the customer’s connection to their brand and activities, ANTlabs has a scalable solution to meet the retail business’ needs.

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Keep networks current
as the business grows or environment changes

Introducing the dynamic duo from ANTlabs:  the ANTlabs Service Platform (ASP) and the ANTlabs Cloud Gateway (ACG).

ASP is a platform that enables Service Providers to take control of gateways across multiple organizations and sites with a centralized dashboard. It provides insights and flexibility for service providers to share or transfer licenses and modules across different organizations and sites as needed.

ACG allows retail businesses to easily deploy and manage the WiFi network with as little as a single AP, and quickly scale to multiple branches in different cities or countries cost-effectively.  Together with the ASP, ANTlab’s Cloud Gateway provides advanced features needed for businesses to roll out WiFi networks that will impress their customers, while providing powerful features to enable their back-end businesses to leverage on the same network securely.

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