Category: Advisories

  • Advisory: HTTPS Walled Garden URLs for Payment Gateways

    Updated: 23 July 2020 We have added the walled garden HTTPS domains feature as the recommended approach to allow downstream devices to access the payment gateways before login. In doing so, we are effectively decommissioning the IP Address-based walled garden configuration. As such, it is advised to add the relevant HTTPS domains to the walled […]

  • Advisory: Instagram WiFi Login [UPDATED]

    Last Updated: Oct 15, 2020 – The Instagram WiFi login issue has been resolved with the recent ANTlabs Update #41 for both IG 4 and SG 4. Admins are advised to apply the latest update on their gateways to ensure a smoother login flow. After updating gateways to Update #41, using the Instagram login method […]

  • Advisory: Depecrated WeChat Portal Login

    [UPDATED: 19 Jan 2021] WeChat login is now once again working as one of the ANTlabs social WiFi login methods. WeChat login requires the following update to be installed on these gateways: IG 4 Update #42 SG 4 Update #42 IG 4 S Series Update #4 SG 4 S Series Update #4 [Advisory Date: 20 […]

  • Advisory: Slow Captive Portals on iOS

    Publication Date: 7 July 2019Last Updated: 27 August 2019 It has come to our attention that some users have been experiencing a delay in loading captive portals on Apple devices. The said delay sometimes takes up to a minute. This behavior has been observed on devices that are on iOS 12. It was also observed […]

  • Advisory: Google+ API Deprecation and Replacement

    On March 7, 2019, Google shut down legacy Google+ APIs. ANTlabs has used Google+ sign-in across its product families and we have migrated since then to Google sign-in. Some products may still carry the Google+ logo in login portals and admin user interfaces but rest assured, all ANTlabs products have already replaced it with Google […]

  • Advisory: Root privilege escalation from authenticated local console account vulnerability

    Publication Date: 1 Sep 2018 Last Updated: 5 Sep 2018 Description We are aware of a security vulnerability where a local console account user can perform root privileged escalation. Impact This is a medium-severity security vulnerability as a local authenticated non-privileged console user can gain root privilege access to the gateway. If remote shell access […]

  • Advisory: Captive Portal Redirection for HTTPS Websites

    What to do when users get browser and smartphone security warnings when connecting to your network ANTlabs gateways have a unique feature that can redirect HTTPS web requests to the captive portal or landing page. This feature was very useful earlier in comparison to other competitors that can only redirect HTTP web requests, thus enhancing […]

  • Advisory: Intel Spectre and Meltdown

    Publication Date: 10th Jan 2018 Last Updated: 19th Jan 2018 Version 1.04: Interim Description On 3rd January 2018, 3 vulnerabilities were disclosed for Intel microprocessors that could allow an attacker that has local access to a server to read privileged information belonging to other processes or the operating system by installing and executing a malicious […]