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    ASP 2.0 Update #5

    New Service – ANTlabsEzCast

    • – ANTlabsEzCast license configuration, network and room device configurations, casting report, usage, device health and dashboard
    • – ANTlabsEzCast server allocation to organization and site


    • – Add new font ‘TedNext’ for all portals
    • – Update Last Backup and Update Level columns to be sortable and searchable in site list
    • – Clean up command server tmp dir if folders and files are older than 1 month
    • – Add roaming add GUI to allow to create roaming in GUI
    • – Update Site List and Site Show pages to show Cast Server info
    • – Increase admin login idle time out from 1 hour to 8 hour
    • – Update site status group in left site selection panel to include cast server status
    • – Show cast server status and system statistics info in home page
    • – Update site list status column to include cast server status if cast server is assigned
    • – Re-arrange some menus, collapsed all menus by default added shadow below menu to improve look and feel
    • – Redirect to home page for all successful logins

    Bug Fixes

    • – Fix VIP plans option is not shown in portal PMS Authentication Configuration for PMS types: ‘Micros PMS (1700/2000/3700/4700/8700)’, ‘JDS Interface to Springer Miller’, ‘Accor FLINT-HTNG’, ‘Sky Touch Connect’
    • – Fix a0 to a9 options are not shown in password selectbox for PMS types: JDS Interface to Springer Miller
    • – Fix twitter login influence is not updated
    • – Fix Default portal is assigned to all vlans duplicated from another site
    • – Add 3 new categories [‘Child Sexual Abuse (IWF)’, ‘German Youth Protection’, ‘Child Sexual Abuse (Arachnid)’] to fix Web Filtering sync failure
    • – Fix HA status shows as unknown (SG5 Update 8 is required to send HA status)
    • – Fix 504 Gateway Timeout if ASP can’t fetch release notes from
    • – Turn off ipinfo check to load baidu map to reduce home page loading time if IP is from China
    • – Fix site count in org dashboard is not refreshed when site is deleted and popup is closed
    • – Fix Site Revenue page keeps refreshing when current logged in admin has no site
    • – Fix public ip option value is wrong in sample hotel portals added when new site is created
    • – Fix default month value is missing in Revenue page
    • – Fix Event Tier bandwidth config is not shown if Advanced QoS module is not enabled


    • – Add new API: Guest Session ADD API to add guest session from cast server
    • – Add new API: Guest Session UPDATE API to update guest session from cast server
    • – Add new API: Guest Session GET/GET All APIs to view or filter all guest sessions
    • – Add new API: Cast Session ADD API to add cast session from cast server
    • – Add new API: Cast Session UPDATE API to update cast session from cast server
    • – Add new API: Cast Session GET/GET All APIs to view or filter all cast sessions
    • – Add new API: Organization Cast Servers API to assign cast servers to organization
    • – Update Site License and Usage GET API to show site cast license info in API output
    • – Update Organzation License and Usage GET API to show organization cast license info in API output
    • – Update Site License UPDATE API to allow to configure site cast license
    • – Update Organizaton License UPDATE API to allow to conigure organzation cast license
    • – Update Site Add/Update APIs to assign cast server to site
    • – Update Site GET/GET ALL APIs to show cast server info assigned to site

    ASP VERSION: 2.0.5
    RELEASE DATE: 14 Nov 2023

    SG 5 Update #7

    This update adds the following enhancements:

    • – Web server enhancements:
      • > Performance tuning of the web redirect component to handle more load especially for the larger capacity product models
      • > Enhanced stability under some load conditions
    • – Admin GUI enhancements:
      • > Sync feature of ANTlabs Service Provider page enhanced to show the status of the most recent sync of gateway settings from ASP and allow user to view the details of the synced settings (plans, portals, bandwidth, VLANs)
      • > Show system name in login page and at the top banner after login
        • *Note: system name is configured at Settings > SNMP and will take effect upon logging out and logging back in to the admin GUI. The reboot recommendation you get after the save is for the purpose of applying changes (if any) to other SNMP settings that require other services such as the client manager to restart, so the reboot recommendation can be safely ignored where no such changes are made.

    The following bug fixes are included in this update:

    • – Network-related fixes:
      • > Fix WAN SNAT
        • – Fix gateway not responding to configured SNAT IP ranges on the WAN interface
        • – Fix issue where HA passive node responds to SNAT IP on the WAN interface
      • > Fix passive node in HA setup to not respond to ARP requests for LAN IP
      • > Fix static source routes not taking effect
    • – Prepare for pairing command (invoked via admin GUI or CLI) enhanced to reset the HA node identifier to fix loss of HA communications after a cloned vSG node joins the active node from which it was cloned
    • – Network bandwidth-related fixes:
      • > SG 5400 only – Fix QoS server so VLAN-tagged client traffic goes under the assigned QoS tier
      • > Fix speed optimization (turning off redirection of some downstream traffic to a QoS concentrator) not taking effect under some conditions
    • – Fix PMS room change not triggering dynamic PAN VLAN update for the guest’s user account, so user device could not go under the new room’s mapped VLAN even after re-associating with the downstream WiFi network
    • – Fix bugs in syncing of plans/locations from ASP:
      • > Fix sync errors of existing plans with mismatched plan types
      • > Fix autologin location not honouring the assigned plan bandwidth settings
      • > Fix fallback web-based mechanism of autologin locations not granting internet access
    • – Fix notification of software update level difference between two HA nodes not showing upon logging in to admin GUI
    • – Authentication log-related fixes
      • > Fill in appropriate error messages for:
        • – User account creation error for the RADIUS authentication scenario
        • – Some rare errors encountered during SMS-verified form authentication
      • > Fix additional ‘Fail’ authentication log being created, resulting in two logs for the same login attempt — one ‘Incomplete’, the other ‘Fail’ — when social media platform invokes callback to the gateway with an error condition. Should just update the first log from ‘Incomplete’ to ‘Fail’.

    Release Date: 20 JULY 2023
    Update File Name: 07.SG5000_base-sys-snat-202300508-01.pkg
    MD5 Checksum: 39bd9ff806d634ebda21323441475170

    ASP 2.0 Update #4


    • – Added Transaction Report and Revenue Report for Global Account and Global Code
    • – Enhanced the Global Code GUI to generate a single code
    • – Enhanced the Global Account/Code list not to call external API for each record to get data
    • – Added option to delete expired Global Accounts/Codes
    • – Added Download function to download Global Accounts/Codes
    • – Changed column name from “Expected End Time” to “Valid Until” in Global Account/Code list.
    • – Added Remember Org ID option in SSO login page
    • – Added Physical IP Address column in Assets > Gateways List
    • – New option in built-in templates to add a second logo for provider branding in the page footer
    • – Added default error for form user’s invalid email verification link
    • – Enhanced equipment add/edit/delete/move function not to rollback if admin log insertion failed.
    • – Allowed to create admin level 2 – 99 for all organizations
    • – Allowed to create the same admin email under different organizations
    • – Improved the site duplicate performance when site has big portals
    • – Allowed to upload .svg format for logo, backgraound, slider images in portals

    Bug Fixes

    • – If site has dedicated cloud gateway, keep existing cloud gateway assigned to site even all equipments are removed from site
    • – Fixed editable custome portal uploaded logo/banner images are not saved
    • – Fixed permission check for Portal Edit icon, Global Account Add button, Site Edit icon and Allocate buttons in overview page
    • – Change minimum upload/download bandwidth value from 0 to 1 in each QoS class
    • – Fixed a portal resources synchronization failure that occurs when the portal size is 800 MB.
    • – Fixed issue when restoring gateway configurations, if the gateway is unable to report its status to ASP, the restore status stuck with the message ‘Restore request initiated. Please check again later”
    • – Fixed missing organization name in organization license report email
    • – Fixed discrepancy between the number of records specified and the number of records shown in Global Account list GUI
    • – Fixed search issue in Global Accont/Code list.
    • – Fixed search issue in Transaction Report
    • – Fixed 500 server error in Gateway License
    • – Fixed permission check in Site Management > Bandwidth menu
    • – Fixed the login redirection issue that can cause a 404 not found error
    • – Fixed high CPU utilization caused by local datetime update cronjob
    • – Fixed the issue with the total value of new users in the data table. The problem was that the calculation didn’t include the last row.
    • – Fixed missing module which can cause tunnel server connection check failure
    • – Fixed session report that does not show records on some dates when the start delay time is huge
    • – Fixed issue where the ‘First Login Time’ was not updated when a user logged in with a global account or code
    • – Fixed issue where ASP logo was hidden in some screen sizes
    • – Fixed Global Code table header and data column not matched when logged in as view-only admin
    • – Fixed portal logo partially hidden in Macbook Devices
    • – Fixed custom portal success, error and login pages selection lost if form is refreshed


    • – Added new API: Organization License GET to retrieve information about Organization License. This API can be used to obtain details such as login license limit, global account license limit, modules allocated to organization. Additionally, it provides usage values.
    • – Added new API: Site License GET to retrieve information about Site License. This API can be used to obtain details such as login license limit, webfiltering license limit, modules allocated to site. Additionally, it provides usage values.
    • – Enhanced Global Code Add API to allow to generate single code

    ASP VERSION: 2.0.4
    RELEASE DATE:29 May 2023

    SG 5 Update #6

    This update updates the default SSL certificate. New expiry date is 13 April 2024.

    Release Date: 22 Mar 2023
    Update File Name:06.SG5000_base-hotfix-certificate-202300320-01.pkg
    File Size: 22 KB
    MD5 Checksum: 5ff999f0c4c5b6e1211d5f44c5cdfca9

    SG 4 UPDATE #49

    This update updates the gateway’s default ( SSL certificate. The new SSL certificate’s expiry is 13 April 2024.

    Update Release No. 49
    Release Date: 22 Mar 2023
    Update File Name: 49.SG4000_base-hotfix-certificate-202300320-01.pkg
    (md5:  c5dae461e258675d2060701cb140ec6f)

    IG 4 Update #49

    This update updates the gateway’s default ( SSL certificate. The new SSL certificate’s expiry is 13 April 2024.

    Update Release No. 49
    Release Date: 22 Mar 2023
    Update File Name: 49.IG4000_base-hotfix-certificate-202300320-01.pkg
    (md5: 5e81ed6330be4ecc04e28e909423b722)


    SG 5 Update #5

    This update includes the following fixes:
        • Web server upgrade
            • Enhance stability in rare situation of receiving very long URLs
            • Support proxying to a target domain name with underscore character _

    This update also increases the maximum file upload size of the web server to support uploading of larger patch package files.

    SG 5 Update Release No. 5
    Release Date: 24 Feb 2023
    Update File Name: 05.SG5000_base-hotfix-nginx-20230221-01.pkg
    File Size: 1.4 MB
    MD5 Checksum: 2fde3f01976947d4fb5a39dc0167b52b

    ASP 2.0 Update #3


    • Allow admin accounts (admin level > 100) to use same email address in different organizations. Currently, email is unique across all admins.

    • Note: for organization super-admin (admin level = 100), email address is still unique.

    • Show only relevant valid values in Admin User edit page’s authentication type dropdown, excluding authentication types not enabled for the logged-in user’s organization.

    • Increase plan duration validation to allow up to 9999 days

    • Automatically assign new site to its organization super-admins. Also assign all sites belonging to an organization to its organization super-admins when the organization super-admin accounts are created.

    • Show cloud icon for ACG sites in left panel to differentiate gateway from ACG sites

    • Update Web Filtering GUI to support 5 profiles

    • Note: gateway must be patched up-to-date to enable this feature. Please check SG 5 Update Release Notes.

    • Remove display of software serial numbers for on-premise and cloud gateways.

    • Include Web Filtering, QoS Rules and Plan App Shaping in the Site Duplicate feature


    • Categorize notifications email as [ALARM], [ALERT], [OK], [INFO], [REPORT], [CODE], [PASSWORD]

    • Allow admin user to configure to receive or not receive emails and their triggers

    • For service provider, the Service Provider Settings page provides options to select gateway state change, site/organization license state change, and/or organization license usage monthly report is ready.

    • For organization super-admin, the Site Show > Notification > Popup provides options to select gateway state change, and site license state change

    • New notification option in Organization edit panel. If it is on, organization super-admin will receive email when organization license state changes. Default value is on. Organization super-admin can now choose to turn off email notifications.


    • Fix SAML SSO login failing to retrieve signature from response

    • Admin log to display link to SSO login XML response for both successful and failed login


    • Send multiple reset password links if same email address is registered in different organization.

    • Entering invalid email address should redirect to a message informing user a reset password email has been sent


    • New form to key in Public IP and Shared Secret of cloud gateway

    • Display AP configuration instructions upon successful cloud gateway site creation


    • Fix plan page to default to None QoS class if existing QoS class is not found, instead of showing server error


    • Fix thumbnail generation showing previously selected template, not the current one

    • Prevent downstream user from clicking social login button multiple times. This fixes the issue where multiple authentication logs are logged for a single login attempt.

    • For SkyTouch /CONNECT (Events webhook) to show plan selection box to downstream user on successful authentication

    • Fix missing favicon.ico in gateway downstream login page

    • Fix Corporate template show no border in PMS plan selection box


    • Fix issue of 504 gateway timeout error showing when big portal is uploaded.

    • Add validation for mandatory welcome, error and success page fields in full custom portal

    • Fix issue where welcome, error and success page settings in full custom portal get lost after the file upload dialog box is opened and closed


    • New payment method: Bank of Maldives (corresponding gateway update is required; please check SG 5 Update Release Notes)

    • New social login: Apple ID (corresponding gateway update is required; please check SG 5 Update Release Notes)

    • Fix memory limit exceeded issue when big resource is synced down to gateway


    • Fix portal resource download command not resuming after gateway is rebooted.


    • Fix Transaction and Authentication report paging not working on first load when all sites is selected.


    • Include cloud-gateway sites in the site listing. Previously, ACG sites are not shown.

    • Fix wrong ‘Used’ value in Assets > License > Gateways Page


    • Fix 500 server error during equipment import

    • Use timestamp for created datetime and updated datetime to prevent date str format changed when it is opened in excel.


    • Fix VLAN import not updating pre-existing VLANs


    • Fix S-series upgraded to v5 not being able to perform config backup

    • Fix sometimes not being able to cancel backup/restore

    • Show error message in GUI if backup/restore is failed in gateway

    • Note: gateway must install SG 5 Update 4 for this to work.

    • Fix restore icon being disabled if backup is duplicated from another site.


    • Fix memory limit exceeded issue when License Usage is refreshed

    • Optimize License Summary page not to call server multiple times

    • Fix site selection box showing sites not assigned to the current login user

    • Fix license usage download not being able to complete


    • Fix Global Account license used value not counting roaming account

    • Fix Global Account relogin not working.


    • Fix email login not working

    • Fix facebook login showing App not active

    • Fix logins resulting in ever increasing size of a log file


    • Fix plan list page not to show plans if selected site is not assigned to current logged-in user

    • Fix Release Notes for accurate ordering of the software updates

    • Fix Profile Edit form to check old password if password is changed.

    • Fix portal duplicate to show error if modules are not enabled in destination site

    • Fix admin add page not to fail while saving new admin if organization image is not found


    • Add new Session GET ALL API for v1

    • Fix critical error in Transaction GET ALL V2 API when listing transactions for all site groups

    • Fix critical error in Users GET ALL V2 API when listing transactions for all site groups

    • Fix site token incorrect error in Session GET ALL API when sessions are listed by site group name

    • Fix Organization Add/Edit API: Radius timeout validation not working

    • Fix Organization Edit API: internal server error on updating organization with SAML authentication

    ASP VERSION: 2.0.3
    RELEASE DATE: 12 Jan 2023

    SG 5 Update #4

    This update includes the following enhancements:

    • > Support for SkyTouch /CONNECT PMS (Events Webhook)
    • > Multi-WAN load-balancing support for WAN DHCP configuration
    • > View and download various logs via web-admin GUI
    • > Performance tuning
      • – PHP web process manager configuration update
      • – Network QoS service upgrade
    • > Security enhancements
      • – Remote Access service upgrade for more secure ciphers and algorithms
      • – Firewall enhancements for traffic directed at the gateway
      • – System monitoring service update
    • > Kernel upgrade for better performance
    • > System component upgrades
      • – Web server upgrade for proxy services
      • – Speed up frequency of syncing ASP-managed settings to gateway
      • – PAN service upgrade
    • > Dashboard shortcuts
      • – Remove short cuts that are no longer used — Plans, Locations
      • – Add new shortcuts — ASP, Updates
    • > API upgrade

    This update includes the following fixes:

    • > HA-related fixes
      • – Fix out-of-box SG5 v5 appliances not being able to set up HA. HA service now uses unicast for communication between nodes.
      • – Fix Micros PMS user settings not failing over to HA backup node
      • – Ensure HA nodes do not lose communication with each other after snapshot restore
        • > Physical appliances’ snapshot restore fix so HA link-present snapshot restore can complete without losing HA communications between the nodes
        • > CLI prepare_for_pairing and HA module updates
          • – For vSG Express/Pro, HA link-present VM snapshot restore is not supported. It is recommended to first break the HA link, snapshot restore the nodes, then use CLI prepare_for_pairing or GUI prepare for pairing to prepare the backup node to join the active node
    • > Micros PMS (1700/2000/3700/4700/8700) fixes
      • – Fix not deleting outdated room status when Daily Guest Status Cleanup is enabled
      • – Fix “Computer Inquire” Inquiry Method not using the Computer Inquire method during second phase of the two-step posting
    • > Fix application shaping service to emit proper messages during startup
    • > Remove subnet control from LAN IP GUI
    • > Fix some Remote Syslog settings not saved correctly
    • > Admin framework fix so view-only user is not allowed to reboot system
    • > ASP-related fixes
      • – Fix ASP sync component not syncing the plan’s application shaping rules’ categories correctly
      • – Fix ASP server configuration component not updating the accounting server configuration

    The gateway will automatically reboot upon successful application of this update.

    SG 5 Update Release No. 4
    Release Date: 13 Jan 2023
    Update File Name:04.SG5000_base-sys-bulk03-20220808-01.pkg
    File Size: 63 MB
    b39139506c4bedfa4e5077d0827be840 (build 27)

    ACS Update 16.12

    This update adds the following enhancement:
         • Remove MIME type and file extension filter from file selector prompt of custom portal editor to allow upload of any file type

    This update fixes the following issue:
         • Idle timed-out user logs in again and encounters 404 Not Found when accessing some pages, e.g. Roaming Session.

    ACS Version 1.16.12 (Update 16.12)
    Release Date: 31st October 2022