Security Module

ANTlabs Security Module for SG 4 S-series gateway protects users from sites known to drop malicious payloads, and for IT administrators to prevent users from accessing restricted content. It is based on DNS filtering, which is a type of content filtering that uses the DNS layer to filter based on IP addresses.

DNS Filtering: Use Case

If you are responsible for managing a WiFi network and want to prevent children from accidentally viewing harmful content, such as gambling, pornography, and hateful websites. These types of sites are constantly changing and new sites appear every day, so it is not feasible to block them manually. Another situation where category blocking comes in handy is when your company decides not to allow staff access to time-wasting websites such as YouTube for a certain period of time. Sites like YouTube are categorized under “Wasting time> Entertainment,” so selecting this category will block it and similar sites. There is no need to manually type the URLs for these sites, saving you time and effort. The security module allows the policy to be applied to the entire site, so when the user brings multiple devices into the network, filtering will work on all these devices.
The ANTlabs Security module has 65 categories. It filters websites into six main categories:
  • security
  • adult-related
  • bandwidth consumers
  • illegal activities
  • time-wasting
  • general sites
The security module can also check encrypted sites. The signatures are also constantly updated, so service providers who subscribe to this feature will be assured that they know they can protect against the latest threats. If you are unsure if a certain URL is blocked or why a URL is blocked, the Diagnostics feature of this module will show you which category that URL belongs to.

A More Secure Network Environment For Everyone

This module opens up new possibilities for users to work and play in a more secure network environment. It not only benefits guest WiFi networks such as hotels, schools, universities and businesses, but also other networks that do not fall into the guest WiFi category. (Deploy and manage multiple networks using ANTlabs Service Platform) If you are interested in learning more about this next module, send us a message immediately. We are happy to answer your questions.