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Secure and reliable WiFi for university staff, students, and guests

Bring connected learning a step closer with consistent high bandwidth.

Technology advances and recent global economic changes have changed the face of education. Bandwidth-heavy devices and applications are now used to enhance the learning experience. Campus networks are coming under increasing strain. Distance learning is offered in more universities and schools now, so professors and teachers can conduct classes at their own offices while their students are attending remotely.

Educational institutions need to cater to a savvy, hyper-connected student population, many of whom use multiple web-ready devices in their course of study. Peak-traffic periods, such as online exams, also demand guaranteed bandwidth for smooth operation.

Whether the students are taking online exams, are in hostels or dormitories, or in-campus, or teaching staff are conducting remote classes at their offices, bandwidth demand is expected to be high. This means that administrators will need a solution that ensures security during online exams and there is guaranteed bandwidth to support a flurry of activities both on and off-campus. Plus, if you need your students to be able to just access the online exam securely and nothing else, content filtering should also be part of that solution.

With the ANTlabs SG 4, a one-stop gateway for managing large-venue public access networks, schools and universities can address all these concerns by optimizing bandwidth and filtering content for multimedia classrooms and on-campus roaming, offices, dormitories and hostels. Multiple authentication methods such as LDAP, SMS OTP, and more are integrated for smooth student logins.

And with the SG 4’s dual WAN link load-balancing, the network is better prepared to cater to usage spikes – without the need to purchase a dedicated load balancer. Multi-tier QoS (including a Guaranteed Bandwidth option) further ensures top performance during critical periods. User form authentication can also be used for staff and guest registration to ensure added security by knowing who logged in at a specific time and area. Through lawful intercept, we can do that while making sure that data privacy is protected. This is also helpful in compliance with contact tracing requirements.

ANTlabs is also releasing a security module for the SG 4 S-series and ANTlabs Service Platform (ASP) that will benefit universities and school WiFi networks. Stay updated with ANTlabs latest releases by subscribing to our mailing list.

The ANTlabs SG 4 gives schools and universities the power to maximise their networks, and stay up to speed in an evolving education landscapei