Airports & Train Stations

Manage, customize and monetize large venue public access networks

Reliable connectivity for passengers & airport staff

In today’s complex travel environment, airports and transportation hubs need to provide a wide range of network services to cater to passengers, in-house staff, and quickly deploy new apps and network services.

Many transport hubs are already filling this gap with complimentary WiFi services. But controlling these services is difficult when login hassles, and bandwidth hogging by the tenants, make airport and train station networks a poor experience for travelers.   There is also a need to quickly deploy new network services and apps without major changes required to the network.

Transport hub owners need to simplify their WiFi logins for easy on-boarding (e.g. SMS authentication, form authentication, social media login), control bandwidth to prevent tenant abuse, and drive travelers to tenant outlets – who can offer tiered WiFi access under agreement with the hub.

With the ANTlabs SG 4, a one-stop gateway for managing and controlling large-venue public access networks, you can:

Identify users, grant them
access, and bill them

Convert users into customers
with different service levels

Offer login methods to suit
different types of users

Vary offerings for different
usage needs and patterns

The SG 4 enables automatic, zero-configuration login, removing the need for travellers to tweak device settings and re-login every time they want to connect. Time-limited access helps keep freeloaders and bandwidth hogs off the network.

Transport hub owners can offer subscription or sponsorship WiFi services to tenants, who in turn can offer different service tiers based on traveller purchases. The SG 4 supports user account printers that can be configured to generate different access codes with just a button press.

Added security is also possible with SG 4’s location tracing capability through lawful intercept, and compliance with regulations is ensured.

The ANTlabs SG 4 enables airports & train stations to effectively manage their WiFi infrastructure by delivering a hassle-free, high-quality network experience for travelers.

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