Why ANTlabs Multi-WAN load balancing feature provides better usability for your network than other brands

What makes ANTlabs Multi-WAN load balancing module better than the competitor’s multi-WAN?

Here’s a familiar scenario: networks going down in the middle of critical business processes and eventually costing businesses much money. Huge companies fork out millions of dollars to keep their networks in the green by having dedicated high-bandwidth backup links and various devices to manage them. Can you achieve peak performance and great end-user experience in your network without breaking the bank? What if your organization is not as big as these corporations, but you require the same kind of uptime?

The ANTlabs Multi-WAN module lets you do that and is better than your average multi-WAN product out there. Whether you handle a global hotel chain, oversee large venues, or are an Internet Service Provider, you need a superior load balancing solution that balances cost and quality.

Here are four reasons why ANTlabs Multi-WAN is better for your network than the average competitor’s multi-WAN:

  1. Your network gets a higher total bandwidth with ANTlabs Multi-WAN cost-effectively.

    Users clamoring for more bandwidth and faster Internet speed? Add more connections if you require higher speed without spending thousands of dollars; ANTlabs built-in Multi-WAN can let you aggregate bandwidth from different ISPs. This module integrates various ISP links into a multi-WAN connection pool available to all network users, regardless of their location.

    Compared to other solutions built on traditional WAN, dedicated load balancers, and buying other costly links, ANTlabs Multi-WAN adds up high speeds and rock-solid dependability to your network at substantially lower costs. How? ANTlabs gateways have built-in support for the Multi-WAN module; therefore, you do not need to buy a separate device to aggregate bandwidth from different ISPs.

    While there are dedicated Multi-WAN management devices that allow you more than ten links, more often than not, you will not need that many for your enterprise or guest networks. To save costs further, if you are a service provider, you can efficiently allocate this module across different sites that need it more through the ANTlabs Service Platform.

  2. Your network achieves rock-solid network resilience with Internet Link Redundancy.

    The Multi-WAN module improves your network user experience with carrier-grade reliability. Whether you manage a large venue, hotel chains, multi-dwelling units, airports and similar locations with bandwidth-hungry users and devices, this module helps keep your uptime in the healthy range. It detects Internet link failure as soon as possible, and non-responsive and over-threshold Internet links are marked down. Without lags or downtime, links will work together to manage even the most demanding traffic.

  3. You ensure business continuity with ANTlabs Multi-WAN’s easy configuration, intelligent fail-over and weighted load balancing.

    The Multi-WAN’s weighted load-balancing feature supports a 2-Gigabit WAN interface to handle asymmetric bandwidth and different Internet Service Provider links seamlessly. Its intelligent load-balancing algorithm revolves around weighted round-robin and weighted least connections. This keeps your network up and running by directing traffic through inactive or intermittent connections.

    Service providers will also appreciate its drop-in mode because the Multi-WAN module does not require reconfiguration for existing network equipment and clients. It is also VPN-friendly as it maintains stateful client persistence. It is truly zero-configuration—the epitome of ANTlabs’ two decades of innovating connectivity.

  4. antlabs multi wan vlan source based routingANTlabs Multi-WAN module increases the security and quality of your network when used with PAN and PMS modules.

    Privacy and security are the topmost concerns for users in your hotel or large venue network—especially your VIPs. When paired with ANTlabs PAN (Personal Area Network) and PMS (Property Management System) modules, ANTlabs Multi-WAN module allows you automatically detect a VIP user based on their PMS information and then assign them to the VIP VLAN. This makes sure that your VIP users are always routed the better and higher speed Internet link, and ANTlabs’ intelligent source-based VLAN routing achieves it.

Network downtimes can be avoided, and high-quality connectivity can be provided, especially for users who demand zero downtime. With ANTlabs Multi-WAN load balancing module, achieving this need not be difficult to set up or cost a lot, and you get more bang for your buck using this than other gateway brands’ multi-WAN feature. 

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