Get office networks up and running quickly--and scale as you expand your business

Customized and adaptive network for all work environment and users

Every office has its own unique environment and needs. As the business expands, and requirements change and evolve, can you be sure that the network will remain up-to-date and viable? Can you ensure a secure network for both office staff and guests?

With the ANTlabs IG 4, an all-in-one, Internet-in-a-box solution, you can:

Run office networks
the way you want

Keep networks current
as the business grows

Designed for quick, standalone deployment, the IG 4110 comes with a plan-based firewall for security, and renewable software & hardware support (including 24/7 tech support).  Customize your IG 4110 according to business needs, from a range of modules such as Multi-WAN, RADIUS, Management Port, Personal Area Network (PAN), and more. Start with only the ones needed and add more later when the business demands it.

The ANTlabs IG 4110 gets office networks up and running quickly – and caters for expansion without hassle or costly upgrades. You also gain more control over your staff and guest network with PAN module by separating your connected staff from your guest network, thus adding security for your connected devices within the office.

You can also enable user form authentication to collect survey responses, let your guests sign a declaration form, or contact tracing by knowing who was in the area at a specific time. With lawful intercept, tracing network activity in office networks and location tracking of users within the office is easily achievable.

Finally, with user licenses expandable from 100 up to 800, and ANTlabs’s continual commitment to R&D, you can enjoy the assurance that your IG 4110 will enable the network to grow in pace with trends and shifts in the data landscape.

Let's get your office network up and running now