SG Express 5100

Start small with this full-featured gateway for quality Hotel WiFi, and pick only the features you need for your network.

An all-in-one Service Management Platform, the ANTlabs SG Express 5100 is ideal for smaller (100-150 room) properties such as boutique hotels, hostels, healthcare facilities and many more.

Run your network the way you want it. With the SG Express 5100’s enterprise-grade features, choose the modules you need and get them when you need them.

Let your guests log in to your network conveniently and safely with Social Media Login: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Line, WeChat, LinkedIn, and Office365.

SG Express 5100 comes with a High Availability module. From there, you can customize your gateway’s features further by picking the add-on modules you need.

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Giving your guests quality Internet access has never been easier.

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