ANTlabs Service Platform (ASP)

ASP is a platform that enables Service Providers to take control of gateways across multiple organizations and sites with a centralized dashboard. It provides insights and flexibility for service providers to share or transfer licenses and modules across different organizations and sites as needed.


  • Central management portal for Service Providers
    • Manage multiple organizations and sites
    • Manage and customize multi-language portal pages
  • Information gathered about users can be shared using standard REST API
  • Auto-update of information during roaming
  • Real-time info sharing can be queried based on users’ specific criteria
  • Dynamic assignment of licenses and software modules for organizations and sites
  • Roaming and global accounts for organizations
  • Flexible subscription of license and software modules
  • Easy transfer of modules from one site to another
  • Plan and assign available modules for different business requirements
  • Easy management of software modules
  • Service Provider S-Series gateway models:
    • IG4110s
    • IG 4210s
    • SG 4220s
    • SG 4410s
  • Cloud Gateway supported AP models:
    • Ruckus
    • Aruba
    • Cisco
    • Rujie
  • Individual tenant / organization dashboard
  • Individual site management
  • Tenant-managed customizable portal pages
  • Tenant / organization reports
  • Notification via email for systems: threshold and/or device failure
  • Alerts for license usage going above threshold set for the organization and/or site
  • Organization license usage
  • Site license usage
  • Monthly reports
  • User-defined multi-level admin hierarchy with configurable permissions
  • Admin / user-defined access to individual organizations/sites.

ANTlabs Cloud Gateway

ANTlabs cloud gateways work with ASP to add enhanced gateway features to your wireless controllers or access points (e.g. portal management, authentication and bandwidth rate-limit ). This solution is especially suitable for F&B and chain retail stores that have many venues, each with one to a few APs only.

Manage multiple gateways across different organizations & sites easily