Advanced QoS

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Advanced QoS



ANTlabs Advanced QoS is a 3 Stage Engine that allows the administrator to configure complex and fine-grain bandwidth allocation policies for users which provides the following benefits:

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  • Achieve fair-sharing of bandwidth among users
  • Maximize bandwidth utilization
  • Create differentiated class of services for different group of users
  • Prevent bandwidth starvation by P2P and rogue applications


[text_output]All user traffic goes through Advanced QoS 3 stage engine:

Stage 1: User Level

Bandwidth Rate-limiter: Ensure bandwidth allocated fairly to individual user

  • This first stage engine applies bandwidth rate-limit to individual user instead of individual devices.  This simple innovation allows multiple devices to share a single bandwidth rate-limit.
  • When multiple devices belonging to the same user request for bandwidth, the bandwidth allocated for that user will be shared equally among all the devices that is actively requesting for bandwidth

Stage 2: Group Level

QoS Classifier*: Allow differentiation of traffic during congestion

  • This second stage engine defines different QoS Tiers (Guaranteed Tier, Premium Tier and Basic Tier) where tier based rate-limits can be defined for a group of users that is assigned to the tier.
    After going through the first stage engine, user traffic is then classified according to the defined QoS Tier. 

Stage 3: Global Level

Application Traffic Shaper*: Prevent bandwidth starvation by malicious or P2P applications

  • This third stage engine performs application traffic shaping for all traffic that has passed through the first 2 stage engine.

* requires Advanced QoS Module[/text_output]


ANTlabs Advanced QoS Module is now available in IG 4.  Please click here or contact us at for more information.


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