SG Pro 5400

Intelligent, dynamic traffic management and flexible time/volume accounting – all in one box for all your large venue WiFi needs

Built specially for large venue WiFi networking needs, the ANTlabs SG Pro 5400 gateway is a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for venue owners to manage and monetize their public access networks effectively.

MICE centers and shopping malls have tremendous potential to turn their public WiFi networks from cost centers into revenue centers, while educational institutions can guarantee consistent high bandwidth across campus to enable true ‘connected learning’.

However, for these to become a reality, certain challenges need to be overcome:

Identify users, give them access to the network, and bill them for what they use.

Offer login methods to suit different types of users, with different capabilities for identifying themselves.

Offer service levels to satisfy different types of users. This will also affect their willingness to pay.

Vary service offerings to cater to different usage needs and patterns.

The SG Pro 5400 addresses these in a single box, providing differentiated access through bandwidth control, as well as integration with social media for easy authentication and customer insights. The new user form authentication method also helps in gathering user-verified information.

With the SG Pro 5400, large venue WiFi networks can be optimized, and even monetized by tailoring the service experience (and pricing) to fit the varied demands of different groups of customers.

Single-box Capabilities

  • Supports up to 30,000 subscribers
  • 10GE support
  • Max throughput up to 974 Mbps (1GE NIC) and 9 Gbps (10GE NIC)

Advanced QoS/Traffic Management

  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Premium bandwidth for charged users, including WAN application prioritization
  • Complimentary bandwidth tier for free access users
  • Shared bandwidth across multiple devices
  • Superior VPN support
  • Application Traffic Shaping applied to user groups and specific traffic category

Personal Area Network

  • Increased security
  • Protection from privacy intrusion
  • Manage and control your own smart devices

Social Media Integration

  • Authentication: Easy logins for users – no more randomly generated access codes
  • Analytics: Know your customers – and which areas they are frequently in
  • Promotion: Help tenants build social media followings and deliver offers to their customers – tailored to user profiles

Event Manager

  • Pre-schedule events
  • Customize guest digital experience
  • Generate events reports

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