ANTlabs Gateways Feature High-Caliber Seamless VPN Support

With more people working anywhere or remotely, hotels and large venues must have networks that support VPN providers so people can safely connect to their office networks. ANTlabs gateways IG 4 and SG 4 have superior, seamless VPN support for most major providers right now.

What makes ANTlabs VPN support superior?

NAPT / PAT VPN passthrough

Certain VPN technology, such as IPsec, are not NAPT-compatible. Our gateways operate as an Application Layer Gateway (ALG) to ensure smooth VPN operations.

Public IP On-Demand

The availability of a public IP address on your router or computer allows you to set up your own server (VPN, FTP, WEB, etc. ), have remote access to your computer, and monitor your IoT devices such as surveillance cameras from anywhere on the Internet. This can be trickier to manage on a larger scale, such as those in guest networks. ANTlabs IG 4 and SG 4 allow the client to obtain a public IP address on-demand such that your traffic is routed–NOT NAPTed.

IP Balancing

Load balancing is a technique for distributing internet traffic across two or more connections to improve end-user performance and increase internet connectivity stability. Unfortunately, some VPN servers do not allow more than one VPN connection from the same IP address. ANTlabs gateways allow you to do this through IP balancing. This lets you use different NAPTed IP addresses even when connecting to the same server.

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Photo by Kevin Paster from Pexels