MICE & Stadiums

Excellent WiFi connectivity for exhibitions, conferences and other large venues

Adapt and Scale your Large Venue and Stadium WiFi quickly.

MICE centers and stadiums are ripe with opportunities for IT to transform the way businesses, sports and leisure activities use their facilities.  During off peak season, the IT facilities should be self-sufficient and require low manpower to manage, with remote monitoring and management capabilities. In boom times, the network should be resilient with great potential for monetization.

Can you guarantee consistent bandwidth for the organizers or sponsors, and public users alike?   Can it handle spikes in bandwidth demand dynamically?    Be resilient with system and bandwidth redundancy?

How about rolling out survey forms, user declaration and contact tracing Apps easily?  Without onsite support, and with the click of a button to multiple locations and venues?  Up-sell services seamlessly with customers?

With the ANTlabs SG 4, a one-stop gateway for managing and monetizing large-venue public access networks, you can:

Identify users, grant them access,
and bill them

Offer login methods to suit
different types of users

Convert users into customers
with different service levels

Vary offerings for different
usage needs and patterns

Give your exhibitors and organizers a smooth, speedy service experience with the SG 4’s Guaranteed Bandwidth option, concurrent usage limits, and common login credentials for all devices. Offer visitors time-limited complimentary WiFi, and make it easy for them to buy more via a web-based, self-service credit card payment portal, or provision access instantly for walk-ins with a user account printer. If you need survey responses, declarations, or contact tracing information, you can let your visitors fill up the user authentication form as they log in to your network.

Another feature that is created for MICE organizers is the Event Manager.  This add-on module is available for both SG 4 and IG 4 gateways, and is tailored for the M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, & Exhibitions) sector where the venue hosts multiple events with different requirements for each event.

Event Manager helps in making event scheduling easy by giving the venue manager greater visibility of all planned events in a single calendar view. Administrators can schedule multiple events with different bandwidth requirements in advance, and the WiFi infrastructure gets updated in real-time, based on the start and end date. This reduces a lot of manual and repetitive tasks. On top of that, you can generate events reports so you will have an overview on user count, users and sessions, and data and duration usage within your venue for specific events. Having this knowledge helps in future planning of other events. Customizing the visitor’s digital experience with easy-to-create event web pages and offering multiple authentication methods is also a breeze with Event Manager. Thus, maintaining branding standards for each event and showing web banners to showcase anything you want at the event is just a matter of clicks.

The ANTlabs SG 4 gives MICE organizers all they need to run a successful show, and turn event WiFi networks into revenue sources.

Stadium owners and event organizers are given the tools to offer sponsors a venue to engage guests while they are at the event.

Provide a smooth & speedy service experience with SG 4