MICE & Stadiums

Excellent WiFi connectivity for exhibitions, conferences and other large venues

Turn your Large Venue and Stadium WiFi into profit centers.

MICE centers and stadiums are ripe with potential for monetization. Every exhibition, conference, or similar large-venue event has two types of users – visitors and organizers – and both need Internet access that is fast, simple, and consistent.

Can you offer a crowd of 20,000 such quality WiFi service that those from abroad, with limited local access, will pay for more? And can you guarantee consistent bandwidth for the organizers or sponsors?

With the ANTlabs SG 4, a one-stop gateway for managing and monetizing large-venue public access networks, you can:

Identify users, grant them access,
and bill them

Offer login methods to suit
different types of users

Convert users into customers
with different service levels

Vary offerings for different
usage needs and patterns

Give your exhibitors and organizers a smooth, speedy service experience with the SG 4’s Guaranteed Bandwidth option, concurrent usage limits, and common login credentials for all devices.

Offer visitors time-limited complimentary WiFi, and make it easy for them to buy more via a web-based, self-service credit card payment portal. Or provision access instantly for walk-ins with a user account printer.

The ANTlabs SG 4 gives MICE organizers all they need to run a successful show, and turn event WiFi networks into revenue sources.

Stadium owners and event organizers are given the tools to offer sponsors a venue to engage guests while they are at the event.

Provide a smooth & speedy service experience with SG 4

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