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  • How ANTlabs guest WiFi solutions help the world’s best airports achieve excellence and visitor satisfaction

    Did you know that ANTlabs guest WiFi solutions are used by at least 2 of the 3 best airports in the world? Every year, passengers of more than 100 nationalities are asked in independently funded surveys to rate their experiences in international airports. For the longest time, Singapore’s Changi Airport was considered the best of […]

  • ANTlabs Partners with Vastcom, Macau’s Leading ICT solutions provider

    ANTlabs Pte. Ltd., a proven network technology product and solutions provider for the hospitality, telcos, ISP, and large venues, announces its partnership with Vastcom Technology Limited, the leading one-stop ICT solutions provider in Macau. Vastcom has over a decade of working experience in the hospitality and gaming industries, and its current mission is to assist […]

  • Network Automation & Telemetry in action: Improving productivity & increasing customer retention with ANTlabs Tru’Auth AAA authentication and Tru’IP DHCP/DNS

    We’ve seen it in countless disaster movies: when world leaders initiate a lockdown, we always see frazzled tech support people and C-level executives in somber meetings. Outside, people scrambled to hunker down in their own homes; everyone got their eyes glued to their mobile phones and laptop for updates. All rely on staying online to […]

  • ANTlabs Partners with Brantas, New Zealand’s Leading Integrator of Hospitality Tech

    SINGAPORE, 22 JULY 2021 – ANTlabs Pte. Ltd., an established network technology product and solutions provider for the hospitality industry, announces its partnership with Brantas Ltd., the leading integrator of hospitality technology in New Zealand and The Pacific. Both companies have been in the industry for more than two decades, thus combining long experience and […]

  • Why ANTlabs Multi-WAN load balancing feature provides better usability for your network than other brands

    What makes ANTlabs Multi-WAN load balancing module better than the competitor’s multi-WAN? Here’s a familiar scenario: networks going down in the middle of critical business processes and eventually costing businesses much money. Huge companies fork out millions of dollars to keep their networks in the green by having dedicated high-bandwidth backup links and various devices […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need ANTlabs Product Support Plans

    ANTlabs products and solutions help you ensure that there is smooth, zero-config connectivity in your network. Like everything in life, we must prepare so that our businesses go on without hiccups. If we do encounter said hiccups, we need reliable help. This is why, with every purchase of ANTlabs products, you get the proper product […]

  • How web content filtering secures your network further

    Your router’s basic parental controls are probably the first thing that comes to mind to most people whenever the term ‘web content filtering’ is mentioned. After all, according to online security software vendors, the most common group of users that use web filtering are parents, businesses, and schools. The most obvious use case for content […]

  • ANTlabs Announces Partnership with Wi-Fi Now

    ANTlabs and Wi-Fi Now forge partnership to spread the word about WiFi innovations to a broader audience, worldwide SINGAPORE – ANTlabs announces its partnership with Denmark-based Wi-Fi Now (Hetting Global ApS) to bring network innovations to a broader audience. To jumpstart this partnership, Kwang Tat Ang, ANTlabs VP for Customer Solutions, will be speaking at […]

  • Cloud Managed WiFi Made Easy: Deploy large complex networks quickly with the new enhanced site duplication feature

    With the surge in demand for cloud-based solutions, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a compelling business case to position themselves quickly to ride the rapid digitization boom.  MSPs face many challenges like onboarding customers seamlessly, scaling up and managing complexities in their customer’s networks, and launching new services quickly while maintaining operations cost-effectively.  Here are […]