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  • Letter from ANTlabs CEO on Covid-19

    To our customers and partners: A few months back, ANTlabs celebrated its 20th anniversary and with renewed vigour, we’ve started 2020 full of optimism. When news about COVID-19 started to spread, we took a thoughtful pause to adjust our plans accordingly. We also looked back on the difficult times ANTlabs have gone through like the […]

  • How ANTlabs Carrier & Service Provider Customers Can Respond Swiftly During the Covid-19 Crisis

    As countries are doing everything that they can these days to contain the Covid-19 virus, business processes have been disrupted; Travel restrictions, lockdowns and social distancing create challenges for employers, employees and service providers.  With all these happening, here’s how ANTlabs’ Carrier customers can meet the challenges: Agile Network Infrastructure When suddenly an office is […]

  • ANTlabs enables world-class integrated resort to handle complex large guest network demands [CASE STUDY]

    Overview Tourism in Singapore is a major industry, and its strategic and convenient location also makes it the premier choice for hosting huge events from varying business sectors and industries. Singapore attracted 19.1 million visitors in 2019—that is more than three times its population. Recognizing this strength, one of ANTlabs’ customers who we shall refer […]

  • ANTlabs SG 4 offers faster connectivity for large venues with 10GE support

    SINGAPORE, December 17, 2019 – The ANTlabs SG 4 has enabled large venues to easily handle complex account provisioning requirements since its release in 2014 and has since then released more features tailored to the needs of the MICE industry. The latest version of SG 4 now includes 10GE support straight out of the box. Each […]

  • ANTlabs Granted ‘Intelligent Mobile Data Offloading’ Patent

    SINGAPORE, October 8, 2019 –  ANTlabs has recently been granted the patent for Intelligent Mobile Data Offloading by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent relates to offloading mobile data on end user devices to Wi-Fi networks, and the key value proposition of this technology is to ensure that devices offloaded to the […]

  • Feature Spotlight: ACS Multi-Site Roaming Support

    Your VIPs and valued members can now easily gain Internet access across multiple locations (even across the globe) by just logging in once. This is made possible with the new ACS feature, Multi-Site Roaming Support. HOW MULTI-SITE ROAMING WORKS Multi-Site Roaming is an ANTlabs Cloud Services (ACS) feature that enables users to seamlessly roam from […]

  • Feature Spotlight: PAN Module

    How private can public WiFi get? It may sound like an oxymoron, but it is possible to get a private, secure, home-like network connectivity while connected to public guest networks such as those that are found in hotels, condos, dormitories, serviced suites, and co-working spaces. ANTlabs created the PAN (Personal Area Network) module for the […]

  • ANTlabs launches IG 4110 at HITEC–aims to empower small properties

    Singapore, June 17, 2019—ANTlabs Pte. Ltd. launches their smallest full-featured gateway yet at HITEC 2019 in Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. The IG 4110 is created for smaller properties such as boutique hotels, hostels, healthcare facilities, and small multi-dwelling units (MDU). Hoteliers and property owners can easily pick the modules that they need (e.g. Property Management System, Volume Control, […]

  • Feature Spotlight: User Form Authentication

    The user form authentication method requires downstream users to fill in a form to access the Internet. There is an option to verify the identity of the user via SMS or email and gateway administrators can enable it upon setting up the form. The data collected is then presented in the web admin GUI and […]

  • ACS Latest Features Make Global Guest WiFi Management Even Better

    ANTlabs Cloud Services, ever since its launch, has made global guest WiFi management easier for many huge properties in the world by allowing their venue owners to be able to configure thousands of devices, run diagnostics and view reports in one place. More features have been released to improve both guest and admin/venue owner experience […]