For Medium to Large Hotels / Service Apartments

IG 4210

A better all-in-one Service Management Platform to monetize existing Internet services, maximize limited bandwidth and better user interface.

For Small to Medium Properties

IG 4110

Start small with this full-featured gateway, and pick only the features you need for your network.

For Large Venues

SG 4

Intelligent, dynamic traffic management and flexible time/volume accounting – all in one box.

For Telcos and Internet Service Providers


The ideal carrier-class solution for deploying large-scale broadband networks.


For Telcos and Internet Service Providers

Tru’Auth AAA

The ideal AAA solution for Telco, ISP, and service provider environments, enabling them to effectively deploy tiered and differentiated services across combinations of WiFi, 3G/4G and broadband networks

For Telcos and Internet Service Providers


A highly reliable, scalable and proven product suite for carriers that provides Internet-related services for their clients


For Service Providers


A platform that enables service providers to take control of multiple gateways, licenses, and modules across multiple organizations and sites from a centralized dashboard

For Businesses & Large Guest Networks


A secure cloud service that lets you monitor your entire network over the web and monetize WiFi with data analytics

For Businesses & Large Guest Networks

Private ACS

A secure, private solution that empowers business owners, IT, and marketing professionals with the information needed for business decision-making and monetizing WiFi services


For Service Providers

EVI 2200 & 2300

A network device that extends a unique network interface at the remote site to provide zero-configuration networking support over a Layer 3-routed network

For Hotels & Large Venues

AP 3100

An account printer that provides hospitality establishments a quick and easy way to generate Internet access accounts for guests with a touch of a button

Each ANTlabs product is tailored to meet the unique needs of service providers

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