Empowering the Service Provider’s Business Model

Here at ANTlabs, we have been listening and working with service providers of all types and sizes for more than 20 years.  From smaller hospitality service providers, to large property and venue management companies, and to Carriers, each service provider has unique backgrounds but similar requirements.   They all have revenue growth aspirations, and coupled with operational efficiency concerns.   They deal with seasonal peak and low periods of business activity, and they need to keep pace with an ever-changing business environment and technological landscape.

Enter the ANTlabs ASP solution.  Specially designed with the service provider in mind, ASP empowers service providers to implement their Go-To-Market strategies quickly, monitor and manage their networks with visibility and productivity tools, and allow them to operate the day-to-day activities efficiently.  A centralized monitoring solution allows them to manage multiple gateways, and locations from a single click.  With ASP, you can launch new price plans and services, push network changes and cater to events of all sizes at the click of a button, without requiring a team of IT professionals on-site.

Run networks and Apps
the way you want

Keep networks current
as the business grows or environment changes

With a centralized dashboard, the ASP provides insights and flexibility for service providers to share or transfer licenses and modules across different organizations and sites as needed.   For example, the administrator can transfer licenses to meet a sudden surge of capacity increase at a certain location that is hosting an exceptionally popular event in real-time,  or apply seldom-used software modules to the gateway at one location, by transferring the module licenses from another venue or location that temporarily does not need it.

This flexibility is possible with ANTlabs’ continued commitment to innovation and understanding the unique business of the service providers.  ASP was also built with data privacy and lawful intercept regulatory requirements in mind, so the service provider can rest easy that the system is really designed with their needs from end-to-end.

Finally, besides revenue aspirations and focus on operational efficiency, the ASP solution also allows service providers to enable their tenants or enterprise customers to take control of their respective networks.  With our multi-tenant features that allows multi-level administrator views and change control, service providers can enable their customers to make network changes quickly and easily.

Empowering the service provider's value-chain end-to-end