Revolutionizing Hospitality Technology: The Impact of Digital Onboarding for Competitive Advantage


    I had an interesting observation before a recent business trip. It struck me that when I step into a hotel room, every facet of hospitality surpasses the comforts of my own home. There’s 24-hour room service, daily housekeeping, and even the swift arrival of an aircon technician if needed. It’s a haven of comfort, luxury, and convenience.

    On the other hand, every aspect of the hotel network will pale in comparison to what I enjoy at home without fail, even in the most luxurious suites. In my humble abode, I revel in a dedicated broadband connection or Fiber to the Home (FTTH) link that boasts speeds of 1 or even 2 Gbps. My home Wi-Fi connection is secure, and I can upgrade the router every 2 to 3 years. I have a second large LED monitor for my laptop to work on. Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube keep me entertained and snacking late at night. A Covid-era colour inkjet printer is on standby.

    So, why can’t we have the best of both worlds in a hotel room? With Digital Onboarding and a secure Wi-Fi profile, we could seamlessly connect to the hotel network. Likewise, having the capability to cast my content to the room TV securely would enable me to utilize my personal subscriptions for the latest episodes or stream my favourite Spotify and YouTube tunes. I can even request for housekeeping and room service online. Picture it: ordering room service, sipping on drinks, and indulging in the latest episodes in the lap of luxury.

    The bar for hospitality is set so high in a luxury hotel that as an everyday consumer I cannot surpass it, and yet I easily outspend the hotel on consumer tech which surely is a minimal percentage a large hotel spends on coffee beans a month. From such a low base, the returns from an incremental investment in digital services far outstrip the increment returns to upgrade the already high hospitality aspect.

    If we could indeed merge exceptional hospitality with efficient technology, wouldn’t that be a game-changer for the post-COVID era and the tech-savvy TikTok generation?

    ANTlabs and Our Journey

    Welcome to the future of hospitality, where technology meets exceptional guest experiences. At ANTlabs, we envision a transformative path that leverages Digital Onboarding to redefine how hotels engage with their guests and deliver digital services to deepen guest engagement and customer loyalty. In this blog, we embark on our journey through the Hospitality 2.0 Pyramid. This is a strategic framework, where the key to success lies in seamlessly integrating technology and hospitality, unlocking competitive advantage.

    ANTlabs Hospitality 2.0 Pyramid

    ANTlabs has over two decades of expertise in hospitality, collaborating with Telcos and service providers. Our technology, including internet gateways and Cloud Wi-Fi management platforms, has powered guest Wi-Fi solutions worldwide. Notably, our networking solutions played a vital role in facilitating connectivity during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, arguably the world’s largest hospitality event in recent history.

    We use the Hospitality 2.0 Pyramid to systematically deconstruct the guest’s digital journey across diverse sectors, encompassing hotels, airports, stadiums, and F&B retail. At its core lies Digital Onboarding, the cornerstone upon which exceptional guest experiences are constructed.

    Digital Onboarding: The Foundation for Excellence

    Digital Onboarding, a seamless guest registration process, extends beyond mere Wi-Fi connectivity. It encompasses an array of user-friendly steps, including app downloads and enticing incentives for loyalty program enrollment, setting the stage for an unforgettable stay.

    User Identification: A Crucial Step

    Moving up the pyramid, User Identification is a pivotal phase where the recognition of users on the network takes center stage. The absence of authenticated user devices destroys the capacity to provide personalized and distinctive services.

    User Recognition allows the network to associate a guest’s identity and elite member status, allowing for personalization while ensuring privacy. This is achieved via integration through the PMS interface, loyalty program databases, identity management solutions, or a combination of the above.

    User Engagement: Elevating the Experience

    In the middle of the pyramid, User Engagement comes into play where personalized interactions through digital services and apps enhance guest convenience and overall satisfaction.  For example, the use of AI Chatbots or just simple messaging maintains a high-tech, high-touch hospitality experience, in the absence of a trained and experienced guest relations officer.  As a returning customer, I am always vexed by talking with interns or inexperienced operators who don’t understand what I want.  In a previous stay, I didn’t have the same issue.  The use of technology can mitigate the global hospitality staff shortage and maintain a high level of guest relations.

    Provision of Digital Services: Enriching the Journey with Digital Onboarding

    At the pyramid’s peak lies the Provision of Digital Services. Here, the focus shifts to crafting tailored offerings and streamlining service requests and delivery, resulting in a memorable guest experience.   For example, elite status members may be entitled to premium Wi-Fi speeds, allocated public IP addresses, enjoy secured Wi-Fi connectivity, and even web filtering services on the hotel Wi-Fi network for better security.  Other services can include casting user content like NetFlix to the in-room large-screen TV, seamless access to chatbots for service requests, and many more.

    The Power of Seamless Onboarding: Increasing Loyalty Program and App Adoption

    This logical diagram visually illustrates how the onboarding process can increase loyalty program sign-ups and app downloads. Through Digital Onboarding, a Passpoint or Hotspot 2.0 compatible Wi-Fi profile can be effortlessly stored on the guest’s device, guaranteeing seamless login and roaming privileges within the hotel group.

    Guests should be incentivized to download and install the hotel app, accept the Wi-Fi profile, and participate in the loyalty program. This strategic approach maximizes guest engagement and lays the foundation for comprehensive digital service delivery.

    Merging Hospitality with Technology

    The anecdote that started our journey highlights a crucial point: we deserve the best of both worlds, especially in a mid-scale to luxury hotel room. By harmonizing exceptional hospitality with efficient technology, hotels can gain a competitive edge in the post-COVID era and appeal to the tech-savvy TikTok generation.

    Conclusion: Aligning Hospitality with Technology

    In conclusion, the guest’s journey through the Hospitality 2.0 Pyramid encompasses onboarding, user identification, engagement, and personalized digital services. This alignment of exceptional hospitality with technology will help discerning hotels differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

    Without Digital Onboarding and User Recognition, meaningful guest engagement is not possible. It’s akin to losing the front desk manager who recognizes your most loyal guests.  A new desk staff will greet and treat every customer the same, and guess what? Over time, your guests will also treat you just like any other hotel – without loyalty!

    With Digital Onboarding, connectivity becomes seamless, and recognition instantaneous, ensuring that guests receive the elevated service they deserve.  Seamless connectivity and instant recognition can also be extended across all properties within the same hotel group or loyalty program.

    And with that, we conclude our exploration of the future of hospitality technology. We trust that you’ve found these insights valuable as we navigate the dynamic intersection of hospitality and technology.

    ANTlabs powers guest Wi-Fi for Millennium Hotels & Resorts

    Elevating guest digital experiences and hospitality for the world-renowned hotel group

    In today’s hyper-interconnected world, delivering seamless guest experiences is the key to success in the hospitality industry. ANTlabs, a leading hospitality IT solutions provider, is proud to play a pivotal role in this pursuit by providing cutting-edge solutions to Millennium Hotel & Resorts (Millennium H&R), an established and world-renowned hotel group. The successful completion of the first phase marks a significant milestone as Millennium H&R has standardized their Guest Wi-Fi portal and integrated ANTlabs’ solutions across their Middle East properties. This will greatly enhance guest satisfaction, and brand identity, and allows the IT management to streamline its operations.

    ANTlabs: A Proven Innovator in Hospitality IT for Over 23 Years

    With over 23 years of industry experience, ANTlabs has earned a reputation as a trailblazer in hospitality IT solutions and garnered the trust of hotels and resorts worldwide. “Our collaboration with Millennium Hotel & Resorts in the Middle East has been a testament to ANTlabs’ expertise spanning more than 2 decades in delivering exceptional IT solutions for the hospitality industry. Through our high-capacity SG5 gateways and ASP Cloud Wi-Fi Management platform, we have successfully standardized their Guest Wi-Fi experience across their Middle East properties. We are thrilled to witness the positive impact on guest satisfaction and brand identity, and we eagerly anticipate the next phase of seamless roaming and loyalty program integration.” – Mr. Peng Soon, Aw, VP Sales & BD, ANTlabs.

    Standardizing Quality Hotel Wi-Fi Experience with Unmatched Flexibility

    Through ANTlabs’ high-capacity SG5 gateways and the ASP Cloud Wi-Fi Management platform, Millennium H&R have achieved a unified and immersive brand identity across their properties in the Middle East. The portal standardization has amplified guest engagement and satisfaction while granting Millennium H&R the flexibility to customize services to cater to local preferences and cultural nuances.

    Advanced QoS for Streamlined Bandwidth Management

    Millennium H&R can now seamlessly manage and optimize bandwidth allocation with ANTlabs’ Advanced QoS features. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity for guests, regardless of their location within the premises. A multi-stage QoS engine will allow the hotel to flexibly manage the bandwidth per device, or per user account, and even assign dedicated bandwidth tiers to certain user groups if needed.

    Cross-Pollination of Technology Features for Unmatched Scalability

    ANTlabs’ expertise extends beyond the hospitality sector as they also serve large service providers and mobile operators. This cross-pollination of technology features allows ANTlabs to infuse the scalability and robustness of solutions designed for massive network infrastructures into the hospitality domain. Hotels and resorts benefit from state-of-the-art technologies that have proven their mettle in demanding and complex network environments. One example is the Advanced QoS feature that has multi-stage QoS control and field tested in large public venues and city-wide Wi-Fi hotspots by mobile operators.

    Looking Ahead: Seamless Roaming and Loyalty Program Integration

    The upcoming phase will see ANTlabs further enhancing guest experiences through seamless roaming capabilities, allowing guests to transition effortlessly between different Millennium H&R properties in the Middle East after a first visit. Moreover, the planned integration of Millennium H&R’s esteemed “MyMillennium” loyalty program with ANTlabs’ solution will encourage enrollment and offer guests exclusive benefits. Recognition of Elite members will enable Millennium H&R to extend personalized VIP experiences, reinforce customer loyalty, and deepen customer engagement and relationships.


    With the successful completion of the first phase, Millennium H&R has taken significant strides in transforming guest experiences through standardized Guest Wi-Fi offerings and brand identity. ANTlabs’ cutting-edge solutions have elevated guest satisfaction and streamlined bandwidth management, enhancing operational efficiency. As Millennium H&R looks forward to the next phase, they anticipate even greater success in enhancing guest engagement and promoting their MyMillennium loyalty programme. With ANTlabs as their trusted HSIA Hotel Wi-Fi solutions provider, the hospitality industry can expect continuous growth in guest experiences and loyalty, solidifying Millennium H&R’s position as a leading brand in the Middle East. The collaboration underscores ANTlabs’ commitment to delivering unparalleled guest experiences while empowering Millennium H&R to achieve excellence in their hospitality services.

    SG 5 Update #7

    This update adds the following enhancements:

    • – Web server enhancements:
      • > Performance tuning of the web redirect component to handle more load especially for the larger capacity product models
      • > Enhanced stability under some load conditions
    • – Admin GUI enhancements:
      • > Sync feature of ANTlabs Service Provider page enhanced to show the status of the most recent sync of gateway settings from ASP and allow user to view the details of the synced settings (plans, portals, bandwidth, VLANs)
      • > Show system name in login page and at the top banner after login
        • *Note: system name is configured at Settings > SNMP and will take effect upon logging out and logging back in to the admin GUI. The reboot recommendation you get after the save is for the purpose of applying changes (if any) to other SNMP settings that require other services such as the client manager to restart, so the reboot recommendation can be safely ignored where no such changes are made.

    The following bug fixes are included in this update:

    • – Network-related fixes:
      • > Fix WAN SNAT
        • – Fix gateway not responding to configured SNAT IP ranges on the WAN interface
        • – Fix issue where HA passive node responds to SNAT IP on the WAN interface
      • > Fix passive node in HA setup to not respond to ARP requests for LAN IP
      • > Fix static source routes not taking effect
    • – Prepare for pairing command (invoked via admin GUI or CLI) enhanced to reset the HA node identifier to fix loss of HA communications after a cloned vSG node joins the active node from which it was cloned
    • – Network bandwidth-related fixes:
      • > SG 5400 only – Fix QoS server so VLAN-tagged client traffic goes under the assigned QoS tier
      • > Fix speed optimization (turning off redirection of some downstream traffic to a QoS concentrator) not taking effect under some conditions
    • – Fix PMS room change not triggering dynamic PAN VLAN update for the guest’s user account, so user device could not go under the new room’s mapped VLAN even after re-associating with the downstream WiFi network
    • – Fix bugs in syncing of plans/locations from ASP:
      • > Fix sync errors of existing plans with mismatched plan types
      • > Fix autologin location not honouring the assigned plan bandwidth settings
      • > Fix fallback web-based mechanism of autologin locations not granting internet access
    • – Fix notification of software update level difference between two HA nodes not showing upon logging in to admin GUI
    • – Authentication log-related fixes
      • > Fill in appropriate error messages for:
        • – User account creation error for the RADIUS authentication scenario
        • – Some rare errors encountered during SMS-verified form authentication
      • > Fix additional ‘Fail’ authentication log being created, resulting in two logs for the same login attempt — one ‘Incomplete’, the other ‘Fail’ — when social media platform invokes callback to the gateway with an error condition. Should just update the first log from ‘Incomplete’ to ‘Fail’.

    Release Date: 20 JULY 2023
    Update File Name: 07.SG5000_base-sys-snat-202300508-01.pkg
    MD5 Checksum: 39bd9ff806d634ebda21323441475170

    ANTlabs Introduces ANTlabsEzCast at HITEC Toronto 2023

    Enabling Digital Services and Elevating Guest Experience with Advanced Casting Solution for Hospitality

    [Toronto, Jun 27 2023] – ANTlabs, a pioneering provider of advanced network solutions for the hospitality sector, is pleased to launch ANTlabsEzCast, an innovative casting solution designed specifically for hotels. “As internet traffic continues to surge with streaming services dominating content consumption, ANTlabsEzCast enhances the guest experience by seamlessly integrating secure access to individual room TVs,” says Wee-Tuck, Teo, CEO of ANTlabs.  “With ANTlabsEzCast, we aim to empower hotels to launch digital services like casting that mirror the comforts and convenience of home and the luxury of utilizing the large-screen TV.”

    According to recent statistics, streaming now accounts for more than 60% of global internet traffic, making it the dominant form of content consumption. In response to this growing trend, ANTlabsEzCast allows hotels to cater to the evolving needs of tech-savvy hotel guests. Guests can easily pair their mobile or Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the in-room TV via QR Code or via browser authentication.  With the ability to transform large-screen TVs into powerful work or entertainment hubs, ANTlabsEzCast provides guests with a truly engaging digital experience. Privacy and security are also ensured as no credentials are stored on the TV.

    ANTlabsEzCast delivers a cost-effective standalone solution with cloud management and on-premise gateway control. When paired with ANTlabs gateways’ onboard Advanced QoS and application-shaping technologies, hotels can be assured that the surfing speeds do not degrade significantly with the additional streaming internet traffic. Furthermore, it offers a superior technical advantage by eliminating multicast traffic overhead. This is achieved by creating a private network between the end user’s devices and associated Chromecast devices.

    Benefits of ANTlabsEzCast for hotels and guests:

    • – Unmatched in-room experience that drives brand loyalty and delights guests
    • – Cost-effective solution with cloud management and on-premises gateway control
    • – Effortless content casting for guests, eliminating the hassle of HDMI cables
    • – Ease of deployment and monitoring for IT Managers, minimizing troubleshooting
    • – Centralized reporting and cloud-based configuration through a unified dashboard

    ANTlabsEzCast offers competitive pricing and low operating costs, making it the most cost-effective choice when combined with High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) services.

    ANTlabsEzCast will be showcased at the prestigious HITEC 2023 event in Toronto, where industry leaders and IT professionals convene to shape the future of hospitality technology. The official launch of ANTlabsEzCast is scheduled for June 27th, with interested customers and partners gaining access to this innovative solution starting in Q3 2023. ANTlabs invites technology enthusiasts and industry professionals to explore the forefront of in-room entertainment and experience ANTlabsEzCast.


    About ANTlabs Pte Ltd.

    Established in 1999 and headquartered in Singapore, ANTlabs is a market-leading provider of innovative networking solutions for the hospitality, large venues, telcos, and ISP industries. ANTlabs helps our customers deliver high-quality, high-touch, and highly reliable digital services to their guests and users, driving revenue growth and operational efficiency. ANTlabs Pte Ltd offers a wide range of networking solutions, including on-prem network gateways, cloud-based Wi-Fi services management platforms, bare metal appliances, and virtualized telcos network infrastructure solutions through in-house R&D. With resellers worldwide including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, ANTlabs has established itself as a trusted market leader.

    Media Contacts
    Kwang Tat, ANG
    ANTlabs Pte. Ltd.


    Photo by Bui Howard

    ASP 2.0 Update #4


    • – Added Transaction Report and Revenue Report for Global Account and Global Code
    • – Enhanced the Global Code GUI to generate a single code
    • – Enhanced the Global Account/Code list not to call external API for each record to get data
    • – Added option to delete expired Global Accounts/Codes
    • – Added Download function to download Global Accounts/Codes
    • – Changed column name from “Expected End Time” to “Valid Until” in Global Account/Code list.
    • – Added Remember Org ID option in SSO login page
    • – Added Physical IP Address column in Assets > Gateways List
    • – New option in built-in templates to add a second logo for provider branding in the page footer
    • – Added default error for form user’s invalid email verification link
    • – Enhanced equipment add/edit/delete/move function not to rollback if admin log insertion failed.
    • – Allowed to create admin level 2 – 99 for all organizations
    • – Allowed to create the same admin email under different organizations
    • – Improved the site duplicate performance when site has big portals
    • – Allowed to upload .svg format for logo, backgraound, slider images in portals

    Bug Fixes

    • – If site has dedicated cloud gateway, keep existing cloud gateway assigned to site even all equipments are removed from site
    • – Fixed editable custome portal uploaded logo/banner images are not saved
    • – Fixed permission check for Portal Edit icon, Global Account Add button, Site Edit icon and Allocate buttons in overview page
    • – Change minimum upload/download bandwidth value from 0 to 1 in each QoS class
    • – Fixed a portal resources synchronization failure that occurs when the portal size is 800 MB.
    • – Fixed issue when restoring gateway configurations, if the gateway is unable to report its status to ASP, the restore status stuck with the message ‘Restore request initiated. Please check again later”
    • – Fixed missing organization name in organization license report email
    • – Fixed discrepancy between the number of records specified and the number of records shown in Global Account list GUI
    • – Fixed search issue in Global Accont/Code list.
    • – Fixed search issue in Transaction Report
    • – Fixed 500 server error in Gateway License
    • – Fixed permission check in Site Management > Bandwidth menu
    • – Fixed the login redirection issue that can cause a 404 not found error
    • – Fixed high CPU utilization caused by local datetime update cronjob
    • – Fixed the issue with the total value of new users in the data table. The problem was that the calculation didn’t include the last row.
    • – Fixed missing module which can cause tunnel server connection check failure
    • – Fixed session report that does not show records on some dates when the start delay time is huge
    • – Fixed issue where the ‘First Login Time’ was not updated when a user logged in with a global account or code
    • – Fixed issue where ASP logo was hidden in some screen sizes
    • – Fixed Global Code table header and data column not matched when logged in as view-only admin
    • – Fixed portal logo partially hidden in Macbook Devices
    • – Fixed custom portal success, error and login pages selection lost if form is refreshed


    • – Added new API: Organization License GET to retrieve information about Organization License. This API can be used to obtain details such as login license limit, global account license limit, modules allocated to organization. Additionally, it provides usage values.
    • – Added new API: Site License GET to retrieve information about Site License. This API can be used to obtain details such as login license limit, webfiltering license limit, modules allocated to site. Additionally, it provides usage values.
    • – Enhanced Global Code Add API to allow to generate single code

    ASP VERSION: 2.0.4
    RELEASE DATE:29 May 2023

    SG 5 Update #6

    This update updates the default SSL certificate. New expiry date is 13 April 2024.

    Release Date: 22 Mar 2023
    Update File Name:06.SG5000_base-hotfix-certificate-202300320-01.pkg
    File Size: 22 KB
    MD5 Checksum: 5ff999f0c4c5b6e1211d5f44c5cdfca9

    SG 4 UPDATE #49

    This update updates the gateway’s default ( SSL certificate. The new SSL certificate’s expiry is 13 April 2024.

    Update Release No. 49
    Release Date: 22 Mar 2023
    Update File Name: 49.SG4000_base-hotfix-certificate-202300320-01.pkg
    (md5:  c5dae461e258675d2060701cb140ec6f)

    IG 4 Update #49

    This update updates the gateway’s default ( SSL certificate. The new SSL certificate’s expiry is 13 April 2024.

    Update Release No. 49
    Release Date: 22 Mar 2023
    Update File Name: 49.IG4000_base-hotfix-certificate-202300320-01.pkg
    (md5: 5e81ed6330be4ecc04e28e909423b722)


    CapPort Support on ANTlabs Gateways

    Improving Captive Portal Detection and Venue Published Information for better visibility

    Captive portals are commonly used by public Wi-Fi networks to restrict access to the internet until the user agrees to certain terms and conditions or authenticates successfully. While captive portals are necessary for many public Wi-Fi networks, they can be frustrating for users who are unable to connect to the internet until they have completed the login process.

    Frustrations can stem from captive portals not loading fast enough or freezing, and some login methods can be lengthy or complicated. Thankfully, ANTlabs gateways provide a plethora of seamless login methods, including social media login, SMS OTP, PMS integration, Hotspot 2.0, etc to suit many usage scenarios. CapPort support on ANTlabs gateways offers an elegant solution to the other aspect of the problem, while providing improved captive portal detection and venue published information.

    Improved Captive Portal Detection

    ANTlabs gateways support the use of DHCP option 114 to indicate the captive portal API URL during IP address assignment. This means that supported devices can immediately fetch the API content after connecting to the network, which prompts the user to log in if the network is identified as captive based on the API response. There is no need to redirect or intercept the initial web requests that would trigger security warnings in modern browsers or delay the delivery of captive portals.

    In other words, CapPort support on ANTlabs gateways enables faster and more accurate reliable detection of captive portals, and greatly improve the user experience and reduce frustration.  The diagram on the left shows an example of an Android phone’s locked screen showing the visual cues to allow the user to click the captive portal URL.


    Venue Published Information for Better Visibility

    In addition to improving captive portal detection, CapPort support on ANTlabs gateways also enables venue published information. Without this feature, after a user is successfully authenticated, they are free to move to other web content and the venue will lose the opportunity to engage with the customer further.

    When a CapPort message is displayed on a device using captive portal API, the user can interact with it to immediately open their internet browser and navigate to the Venue Info URL at any time. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios such as staying at a hotel, where guests may want to easily access information about services or amenities. By simply clicking on the system message, users can access venue information, including spa, restaurant hours or any promotions offer. With the addition of location-aware websites, the guest journey becomes even more intuitive and seamless.  The diagram on the right shows the user interface where a user can find the venue URL by clicking on the “Open Site” icon.

    It is worth noting that more mobile devices are beginning to support CapPort feature, specifically Apple (iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur) devices and Android 11 onward. 


    In conclusion, CapPort support on ANTlabs gateways is a powerful tool for improving captive portal detection and providing venue published information. By using DHCP option 114 to provide the captive portal API URL and including the Venue Info URL in the CapPort message, CapPort support streamlines the process of connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and provides users with easy access to important information about the venue. As a result, CapPort support can lead to increased customer satisfaction, repeat business, and revenue for businesses.

    SG 5 Update #5

    This update includes the following fixes:
        • Web server upgrade
            • Enhance stability in rare situation of receiving very long URLs
            • Support proxying to a target domain name with underscore character _

    This update also increases the maximum file upload size of the web server to support uploading of larger patch package files.

    SG 5 Update Release No. 5
    Release Date: 24 Feb 2023
    Update File Name: 05.SG5000_base-hotfix-nginx-20230221-01.pkg
    File Size: 1.4 MB
    MD5 Checksum: 2fde3f01976947d4fb5a39dc0167b52b