Using a dedicated load balancer to aggregate bandwidth is one of the solutions to achieve higher bandwidth. However, doing this also means incurring more expenses for the operator–not to mention that your network may need to use all features. ANTlabs offers a more cost-effective solution: the Multi-WAN module.

    This module can do the essential function of a dedicated load balancer right in the gateway, so buying a separate load balancer is no longer necessary. Getting the Multi-WAN module means lower operating costs, lesser equipment to maintain and lesser power consumption than having a dedicated load balancer.

    With the Multi-WAN module, the operator can aggregate multiple Internet connections to provide a superior end-user experience:

    • Higher aggregated total bandwidth throughput
    • Network resilience with Internet link redundancy
    Multi-WAN Module Features
    • Supports 2 Gigabit WAN interfaces – Asymmetric Bandwidth, Different ISPs
    • Load balancing algorithms – Weighted Round Robin, Weighted Least Connections
    • Failover – Non-responsive Internet link marked down
    • Drop-in mode
    • VPN-friendly – Persistent connection per client
    • Higher aggregated throughput
    • HA Support

    Who is this Multi-Wan Module for?

    This module is for new hospitality customers who require a reliable gateway and efficiently use aggregated multiple Internet links. This is also suitable for existing ANTlabs gateway customers, who want to enhance end-user experience by aggregating multiple Internet links, and resellers who want to fulfil the latest hotel requirements, including multi-WAN.

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