Tag: bandwidth management

  • Why ANTlabs Multi-WAN load balancing feature provides better usability for your network than other brands

    What makes ANTlabs Multi-WAN load balancing module better than the competitor’s multi-WAN? Here’s a familiar scenario: networks going down in the middle of critical business processes and eventually costing businesses much money. Huge companies fork out millions of dollars to keep their networks in the green by having dedicated high-bandwidth backup links and various devices […]

  • IG 4 S-Series Update #2 – QoS Enhancements, additional authentication methods, and more PMS integrations

    This update adds the following enhancements: More downstream authentication methods: Authorize.Net Accept.js and Payway payment gateways Note: Please refer following advisory https://www.antlabs.com/advisory-https-walled-garden-urls-for-payment-gateways/ to configure the relevant walled-garden HTTPS domains for all supported payment gateways. LinkedIn and Office 365 social media platforms Accor FLINT-HTNG PMS integration to support FLINT server to gateway authentication QoS enhancement: Added […]