Advisory: HTTPS Walled Garden URLs for Payment Gateways

Updated: 23 July 2020

We have added the walled garden HTTPS domains feature as the recommended approach to allow downstream devices to access the payment gateways before login. In doing so, we are effectively decommissioning the IP Address-based walled garden configuration.

As such, it is advised to add the relevant HTTPS domains to the walled garden and consequently remove the IP address walled garden entries that correspond to the payment gateways.  Removal of unnecessary IP addresses from the walled garden is important for fast downstream login experience.

Here is the list of walled garden HTTPS domains required for all supported payment gateways:

Payment GatewayModeRequired Exact-Match HTTPS Walled Garden Entries
Worldpay Select
Paypal Payflow
Paypal Payflow


  1. Go to Gateway Admin GUI > LAN > Walled Garden > HTTPS Domains.
  2. Add the HTTPS domains relevant to the payment gateways you are integrating with.  For example:

Ensure that the Type is Exact Match and Action is Passthru.

For Payway for example, the desired walled garden HTTPS domains list could look like this: