Adapting to the ‘New Normal’: How ANTlabs NGN DDI Solution Helps Businesses in Reopening After COVID-19

As the COVID-19 curve starts to flatten and economies slowly start reopening around the world, one thing is for sure: things will never be the same again. For one, businesses are now aware that additional measures will have to be taken from now on in terms of hygiene in workplaces, how we interact with our colleagues, and how to be prepared should there be another crisis like this. Another thing to consider is how everyone must adapt and go about with their lives as if this coronavirus is always around. It may sound bleak, but it is more beneficial to plan as though the crisis may continue and instead of hoping it will go away, individuals and businesses are looking for ways to thrive. There are always opportunities during difficult times, so here are some ways ANTlabs can contribute to this new normal.

How do we do thrive and continue with our daily lives after this crisis? For starters, communication is key to collectively move on. When our messages are received on time and by the right people, the steps to full recovery are clearer. Information should be disseminated properly through the right channels and are easily understandable by the receiver.

One of the obvious effects of the coronavirus crisis is the sudden rise in setting up home offices and getting reliable connection everywhere is needed more than ever. Since social distancing measures have been put up, many have started working remotely and slowly adapting to the ‘new normal’. Some are loving the new working arrangements. People can do video calls, interact through social media, and send emails to colleagues and families.  This shift in network usage places new performance requirements on existing networks. Intermittent connectivity is one thing we do not want especially in times of crises, and therefore proponents of next generation networks (NGN) are pushing for better connectivity quality on a large scale. Service providers all over the world are moving as fast as they can to keep up with the demands from homes, municipalities, businesses, and government institutions.  Everyone expects fast, clear, and reliable connectivity—all at the same time. This is where ANTlabs NGN DDI solution could ease the service providers’ burdens.

ANTlabs delivers high capacity, high performance, and exceptionally reliable carrier-grade IP management capability for NGNs through its Tru’Auth AAA and Tru’IP DDI solutions. ANTlabs’ platform has been supporting the explosive growth in next generation Internet networks from mobile and satellite EPGs, FTTH and GPON BNGs to even IPTV and IMS CPE over the last decade. Now on its 4th generation of products, ANTlabs provides even more flexibility in complex subscribers-to-IP service control logic (i.e., device type, circuit, concurrency) and is well positioned for CSPs to support their existing and future business needs (i.e., wholesale, MVNE, VAS). The solution’s reporting and session tracking engine provides advanced, real-time support (i.e. SSO, subscriber lookup, network performance.

Why is ANTlabs NGN DDI solution great for NGNs?

  • High capacity – 10 Million in a single node
  • High performance – 50K TPS in a single node
  • High reliability – HA, geo redundancy, active-active clusters mode
  • Low latency – 10s of milli-second

Easy IoT Onboarding

Behind each residential or enterprise router, the CSP can easily onboard new devices or existing devices like Security Cams, IoT devices or Sensors, without requiring onsite intervention or complicated setup. ANTlabs’ NGN DDI solutions allow different service control systems to apply their business control or network control to individual devices according to the user or service profile, location, price plan or service application. With these features, CSPs can deliver flexible and complex business plans with efficient operations and at an optimized cost.  Adjusting to the new normal means providing residential and enterprise users with the right package or plans. With ANTlabs NGN DDI solution, adding and modifying plans does not have to be a complicated nor expensive task.

Regulatory Security Compliance and Centralized Identity Management

CSPs can consolidate critical information about devices in real time to fully comply with homeland security requirements and regulatory compliance. Information like device location, user identification, network performance and activity are consolidated from different network subsystems so that information lookup or retrieval is efficient and complete.   This information can be channelled in the backend for network performance monitoring, lawful intercept user activity tracking, and for law enforcement purposes. On the customer facing front, contact tracing is one thing that will probably remain for the foreseeable future as businesses open. CSP can easily provision user forms for guests to fill up and information, so that they can assist the relevant authorities with contact tracing.

Reliable Connection as the New Norm with Agile Service Provisioning

The new normal revolves more and more around staying connected while keeping a safe distance. It also requires that the CSP be nimble and agile to shift their business models and product offerings.  As we adjust through this, it is reliable Internet connectivity that helps keep businesses going, strengthens connections among people, and fuels solutions to problems that we face. Fast, flexible, and high-quality network experience is the new expected normal, whether you are using your mobile data or home office WiFi. ANTlabs can help CSPs achieve these new business requirements and create new opportunities to compete in this new normal.