ANTlabs new gateway on the Cloud: The perfect solution for retail chains

From the start of the global lockdown up to recent days when borders are easing up, one thing is noticeable especially to those in the retail industry: there is a massive acceleration in customer demand for digital channels. Online retailers saw growth and brick-and-mortar shops retrained their staff to fulfil orders online.

How does ANTlabs Cloud Gateway help retail chains?

Our new ANTlabs Cloud Gateway (ACG) is in the cloud; You do not need to buy more expensive equipment to manage your network onsite. ACG allows you to manage your network easily without breaking the bank. In addition to that, it has features that helps you meet regulatory requirements, and lets you adapt your network to fast-changing environment from a single dashboard.

Cost-Effective Reliable Internet Connection for Staff and Customers

Adapt Your Business to Changing Times with ANTlabs Cloud Gateway

With a lot of mall foot traffic transferring to digital channels, reliable but cost-effective Internet connectivity is a must. Businesses need to remain online and be able to address customer needs immediately. Whether you manage a chain of drugstores or a global clothing brand, your customers are most likely going to find you online these days.

In the past, free WiFi offerings in retail spaces are usually focused on enticing walk-in customers to visit your retail space and linger, but with current safe distancing measures and more online shopping and delivery demands, this may no longer be the priority. Instead of focusing on just the in-store customer experience like how it was before, it is now even more important that your store’s online devices have a secure and reliable connection to ensure a smooth business flow.

The priority now shifts to making your customers feel safe when they are in-store. Some stores do this by letting customers interact more with kiosks and other devices that can be easily disinfected, instead of being near your staff and talking to them. Others retrained their staff to focus more on fulfilling orders from their online stores or using other online delivery platforms—or both. Whether you deal with your customers in-store or online, it still boils down to giving them their demands in the shortest time possible, and therefore, it is not an option to miss an order due to internet connectivity problems.

Easy Management of Network and Regulation Compliance

Together with ANTlabs Service Platform, ACG provides insights and flexibility to service providers by allowing them to know which locations have more traffic, and if social media login is enabled, they will have an overview of who their customers are, where they are from, and what they like.

As stores start to open up and people are trying to live normal lives again in spite of the lingering COVID-19, one thing that helps you, your staff, and your customers, is the capability to do contact tracing. ACG’s user form authentication enables you to let your customers and guests to sign up upon entry using your gateway’s built-in forms.

A Network that Adapts to Changing Times

Service providers need not be on-site to push out banners for new offerings or announcements or deploying captive portals across all locations. You can do this from a single dashboard with your ANTlabs Cloud Gateway and ANTlabs Service Platform. Seeing more traffic in one location and fewer on another? No problem. You can easily transfer licenses and modules as needed from one site to another. This flexibility saves time and money, since one does not have to be physically present to do this, and if one location has more bandwidth allocation demands, you can just transfer your Advanced QoS module from a site that does not need it to the one that does. Plus, ensuring a uniform customer experience by adhering to your company’s branding standards can also be done through the gateway’s captive portals. With a few clicks, you can deploy a uniform branded portal across all your locations, and place banners and announcements for your guests to see when they log in.

As more online devices are deployed to provide convenience and a sense of safety for your customers and staff, connectivity downtime is not an option especially in times of economic uncertainties. Customer behavioral changes will always push the limits of technology to adapt and innovate. With ACG, service providers can easily adjust as customer demands change from time to time.

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