Cloud Managed WiFi Made Easy: Deploy large complex networks quickly with the new enhanced site duplication feature

With the surge in demand for cloud-based solutions, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a compelling business case to position themselves quickly to ride the rapid digitization boom.  MSPs face many challenges like onboarding customers seamlessly, scaling up and managing complexities in their customer’s networks, and launching new services quickly while maintaining operations cost-effectively. 

Here are some typical pain points: Can you manage many different cloud-based solutions while keeping customers happy? How can you scale and grow your business while making sure you deliver services effectively? With ANTlabs’ Service Platform (ASP), you can.  

How can MSPs consistently provide quality services? 

Traditionally, MSPs have grown their networks organically and end up with non-uniform and disjointed networks due to different customer requirements and business changes over time.  Eventually, they suffer from managing complexity and inefficiencies and see the need to deploy a centralized platform to manage the network’s various aspects to allow interoperability and better visibility. However, they often lack the expertise to build an end-to-end platform to address their immediate and future needs.  With over twenty years of experience creating and innovating solutions for hotels, MDUs, telcos, ISPs, and large venues, ANTlabs created the ANTlabs Service Platform – a cost-effective solution for managed service providers

Deploy and manage multiple complex networks with ASP

No need to manually set up multiple sites across multiple locations

MSPs deliver a set of Cloud services to the customers either on-demand or on a proactive basis; you cannot be an effective MSP without a platform. Manual multi-tasking can only get you so far, and it will become overwhelming as you get more customers. MSPs also need clear visibility across a multitude of customers with multiple accounts.

Straightforward deployment of multiple complex networks could alleviate the workload of service providers. The time spent to create uniform guest network experiences across various locations worldwide can be cut drastically with a good platform and automation. Branding coordination for captive portals should not be a cumbersome task, and MSPs need not send an engineer onsite to set up guest networks every time.

Automate so you can scale as you grow

Enhanced Site Duplication in ANTlabs ASP is one of the many features to simplify the workflow and optimize limited workforce resources.  It allows managed service providers to duplicate plans, VLANs, bandwidth settings, and portals from one Site to a single or multiple locations. If you have an existing setup that you would like to use the standard for your brand, copying from one Site is as easy as selecting the source site and pushing them down to other locations in a matter of clicks.

5 easy steps to duplicate Sites with ASP

  1. Log in to ASP. Click Site Management and select the Site.
  2. Click Duplicate.
  3. Select the Organization and then the Site that you wish to duplicate. You may also select the Site Group to narrow your Site search or use the Search field to find the Site you want to copy.
  4. Select which options to include:
    a. Plan
    b. VLAN
    c. Bandwidth
    d. Portal: Description, zones, https, roaming, global account relogin, protocol and host, authentication settings, multi-language settings, uploaded images, and gateway login pages
  5. Click Duplicate. Sit back, grab a cup of tea, and relax or do something else while the duplication process runs in the background. To check on the status, click on the Site Duplicate shortcut located at the topmost menu.

Grow your managed service business with ASP

Future growth possibilities are strong mainly since more clients depend on IT to provide services in a quickly digitalizing world. ANTlabs Service Platform was created with this in mind so you can automate tasks. With this, you can focus more on growing your business instead of spending a lot of time doing manual tasks. 

Ask us today how ASP can help grow your managed service business.