New ANTlabs Service Platform empowers service providers from a single dashboard

With more than 20 years of R&D and experience working with global hotel brands and world-class venues in the hospitality & MICE industry, ANTlabs has created products that allow managed service providers (MSPs) to adapt to rapid changes, scale as the business grows, and to make sure that users get great connectivity.

The ANTlabs Service Platform (ASP) is the culmination of this vast accumulative experience.

As MSPs deploy networks across multiple locations and undergo swift changes to meet data traffic demands, MSPs need to be agile in handling all the ever-changing requirements. On top of that, there is also the constant pressure to keep the cost low while scaling up or down.

How do MSPs scale while keeping the cost low with ASP?

Through ASP’s centralized dashboard, MSPs can oversee and manage an entire converged network, and able to share or transfer licenses and modules assets across different organizations and sites.  Does one site need the Advanced QoS module more than another site? No problem. You can simply move this module to the site that needs it more. The assignment of licenses can be dynamic, and ASP also has flexible annual subscription options for modules to tailor to the budget conscious. You can purchase software modules and licenses for your organizations, pick and use the ones you need, and shift them as needed. You can also plan and assign available modules (those that are not used in any site) for different business requirements. Managing software modules with ASP is indeed extremely easy.

ASP has multi-tenant and organization support. With this, MSPs allow tenants and organizations to manage their own respective sites and view their own reports.

All these features will allow MSPs to save more as they handle even more sites because there is no need to buy more and more expensive hardware to support your growing number of sites and users.

Keep yourself in the loop, on-the-go

MSPs may opt to get notifications via email if there are any device failure or license usage that exceeds the threshold set for the organization or site. It does not matter if the actual site is across the globe or if you are on the go; you always know if something needs attention from your mobile-friendly ASP dashboard.

Deploy and bring up sites and gateways wherever you are

ASP enables MSPs to deploy and bring up sites or gateways easily without the need for fully qualified engineers to go onsite. All these can be done from the ASP dashboard, thus, saving cost and time for the MSP.

Customize and deploy your portal pages across sites in a short time

ASP’s centralized service management platform allows MSPs to build and deploy branded, multi-language portal pages globally. For example, you manage a nationwide drugstore brand. You can push down customized branded portal pages to all your branches from a single office location. Just like deploying sites or gateways with ASP, you do not have to be physically present at the site to do this. Your staff and customers will see your banners and announcements when they log in to your network, and there is consistent brand presence and user experience that you have architected from a single dashboard (i.e. bandwidth allocation, plans, etc.).

Get a glimpse of where your guests prefer to go and what they like

ASP provides insights to MSPs to know which locations have more traffic, and if social media login is enabled, they will have an overview of who their customers are, where they are from, and what their affinities are through ASP’s reports. The reporting function also covers organization license usage, site license usage, and a monthly overview of the network and the guests who logged in.

User form authentication is another way for organizations and sites to gather information from guests. This authentication method enables guests to log in to your network after they have filled up a form, which can also be used in contact tracing and health declarations. Aside from that, ANTlabs is GDPR-compliant across all our products, including. ASP.

So why choose ASP to manage multiple sites?

ANTlabs products are used and trusted globally in hotels, convention centers, integrated resorts, and large-scale Telco deployments. ‘Connectivity Made Easy’ is more than just our company slogan. It is what drives us to innovate. ASP is built with MSPs in mind and backed with our extensive experience providing solutions for companies that manage massive guest networks. When we say we want you to be able to manage your guest networks easily and securely, we mean it.

If you are a managed service provider, talk to us today. We would be delighted to show you how we can make managing a multitude of sites and users easy so you can focus on things that matter more.