How ANTlabs Carrier & Service Provider Customers Can Respond Swiftly During the Covid-19 Crisis

As countries are doing everything that they can these days to contain the Covid-19 virus, business processes have been disrupted; Travel restrictions, lockdowns and social distancing create challenges for employers, employees and service providers.  With all these happening, here’s how ANTlabs’ Carrier customers can meet the challenges:

Agile Network Infrastructure

When suddenly an office is shut down and social distancing or quarantines are mandatory, employers must quickly set up their Business Continuity Plans (BCP). Fixed and Wireless network availability is a key infrastructure when staff must work from home, or in separate offices.  With ANTlabs’ AAA and DHCP/DNS solution framework, Carriers can quickly respond to the need for new accounts provisioning and enabling of network services across the country at a moment’s notice and create new business commercial packages and deploy them real-time.  Recognizing and enabling IoT devices like security cams, residential gateways or sensors are easily doable, as well as providing valuable diagnostics to the Operations team.  ANTlabs AAA and DHCP/DNS solution enables remote activation of network services on the fly and implements social distancing by reducing the need for engineers or customer service support to go onsite. 

Ensure Network Quality

Good network service is crucial when teleworking places demands for bandwidth and quality of service surge. Having multiple team members in a single video conference is a new reality and good quality video and audio will enhance productivity, thus reducing frustrations and time wastage. ANTlabs has a variety of onsite and centralized gateway and QoS features to ensure that a venue can provide differentiated QoS to ensure consistent user experience across the Carrier’s infrastructure.

Implement Covid-19 requirements quickly

With ANTlabs’ suite of solutions, Carrier customers can self-help and design Declaration forms, change notifications and web portals for their subscribers and Corporate customers. These can be quickly deployed at WiFi hotspots and large venue locations so they would not be pressed for time and be at the mercy of vendors that may not able to respond fast enough even if they pay exorbitant prices in fees. Location-based information, correlated with user device information can be matched to user identity for urgent contact-tracing at a large scale across a nationwide WiFi hotspot infrastructure while still adhering to privacy laws, and shared with regulatory, government and enforcement agencies.

Ensure efficient use of stretched network resources

With efficient management and allocation of network resources like IP addresses, ANTlabs DDI (DHCP, DNS, IP management) solution will allow Carrier operations to ensure smooth delivery of new service deployments and ensure that the critical network resources are in no danger of running out.  At a time where even Carriers are executing their own BCP with reduced onsite headcount, manpower shortage will not significantly affect network core system operations.

If you want to know more about how ANTlabs AAA and DHCP/DNS solutions can help service providers address challenges brought about by crises, please contact