ACS Latest Features Make Global Guest WiFi Management Even Better

ANTlabs Cloud Services, ever since its launch, has made global guest WiFi management easier for many huge properties in the world by allowing their venue owners to be able to configure thousands of devices, run diagnostics and view reports in one place. More features have been released to improve both guest and admin/venue owner experience while using ACS.

The following features have been recently rolled out in ACS Update #15:

Multi-language Portal Support

ACS portals can now support multiple languages so whether you are remotely managing an overseas site and want to localize your messages, or you just want to add more ways to communicate to your guests more effectively, this feature will help make that possible for you. Admins can configure text and create user login pages in up to 10 different languages.

New Portal Templates

We added three new templates: Natural, Minimalist and Corporate. Have your login portals up in no time by selecting any of the available templates in ACS, or easily make custom pages that adheres to your brand. Deploying the same portal design across a large number of sites? No problem. ACS can let you duplicate a site across multiple venues.

New Real-Time Downloadable Reports

Tracking the progress of your guest Internet revenue is made easier with the new downloadable reports. These three new reports can be found under Reports and Analytics:

  • Session Report: Enables admins to view and download user sessions.
  • Transaction Report: Enables admins to view and download transactions.
  • Revenue Report: Enables admins to view and download daily, weekly and monthly transaction summary.

These are just three of the many features to be explored in ACS. Login to your ACS account now to try these out. Interested in ANTlabs Cloud Services? Email us to know more about ACS.